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That's just awesome!

Thank you celery! It's good to be back!

Not only did you steal my Mii, you used MY picture that I took of it.

Awesome! 5 stars
5 stars. Great job!
Very nice!
That's great!
That's awesome! 5*
LOL, that's great!
I would definitely go with Hotel Dusk. I purchased Trace Memory and just can't get into the story as much as Hotel Dusk.
Thanks! The hair is supposed to be his cloak.
This is just amazing. Great job!!
That's great!
Best Koopa I've seen!
Delta: Thanks for the suggestion! I just tried it but it didn't look quite right...
That's great! 5*
Yeah mingle, lol I forgot what it was called.
Eclipse...I have all of my Mii's set to travel. I really don't understand how it works. I have some friends who put their mii's on travel and they never show up on my console.
Guest...he means on the Wii settings when you make a Mii, you have the option to allow your mii's to travel to your friends Wii's.
Nice! 5 stars!
Great job!
LOL! I used to love that game! Viva La Dreamcast!!
Awesome! Here's hoping for KOTOR 3 soon!
Works great now Jose! Thank you for all the work you put into this site!
Thank you! I was trying to get his patch with the black dot. When I put it up higher it made his mouth look funny. And yes Hotel Dusk does ownz!
Thank you for the delete post option! Ever since it has gone up though, I can't get it to delete any comments....
Oops wrong topic...
Thank you for the delete post option! Ever since it has gone up though, I can't get it to delete any comments....
5 stars. Looks just like him!
Haha! That's great! Makes me wanna rob a bank.
^ That's me above...forgot to write out my full email addy, lol.
Awesome! Knew who it was the instant I saw it!
If you're referring to this site
They stole them from me. Just click on properties on their pics. I posted mine almost two months before they did.
Stolen? From who?
LOL! You nailed it! Best one one the site!
Nice! Gotta respect the Addams Family!
Yeah, one of my first miis. At the time I didn't think of using eyebrows for the mohawk.
Nice! I would have nevr thought of making him!
LOL! I used to love that book!
Great job! If only there was a cigar option. ;)
Nice one!
You nailed it!
Great job!
I think this got a little out of hand. Just to clear the air, I have a lot of respect for isic. He has created some of the most innovative miis on the site, including this mii, which I gave 5 stars.