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Currently Playing: Pilotwings Resort (3DS)
Nintendo 3DS: 0817-3731-8847
Location:Newark, United Kingdom
Status:Last Seen August 1, 2013 at 6:30am
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my favourites from my own miismy favourites from my own miis

I've submitted over 600 miis to Gamercreated... these are a few of my personal favourites.
Profiled Artist
Profiled ArtistArtist has been profiled. (Acquired May 12, 2008)
PopularAccumulated 75 or more friends. (Acquired May 12, 2008)
V.I.P.User has been featured on the homepage. (Acquired May 22, 2008)
Mii Artist
Mii ArtistSubmitted 20 miis with an average rating of 3.5 or higher. (Acquired May 12, 2008)
Mii Creator
Mii CreatorSubmitted 20 miis. (Acquired May 12, 2008)
FriendlyAccumulated 10 or more friends. (Acquired May 12, 2008)
Mii Master
Mii Master20 bookmarks have been made on the user's miis. (Acquired May 12, 2008)
Assistant Editor
Assistant EditorReviewed 5 or more games. (Acquired June 3, 2008)
Center of Attention
Center of AttentionPosted 5000 messages in the forums (Acquired January 14, 2010)
Mii Rater
Mii RaterVoted on 100 or more miis. (Acquired July 1, 2008)
Mii Critic
Mii CriticCommented on 100 or more miis. (Acquired July 1, 2008)
So Much To Say
So Much To SayPosted 1000 messages in the forums. (Acquired June 2, 2008)
Mii 15 Minutes
Mii 15 MinutesHad a mii featured. (Acquired May 12, 2008)
Mii Appreciation
Mii AppreciationBookmarked 20 or more miis and made 3 or more profile requests. (Acquired May 12, 2008)
Something To Say
Something To SayPosted 100 messages in the forums. (Acquired May 12, 2008)
Gamer20 or more games owned or rented. (Acquired May 12, 2008)
SpammerSent 1000 messages to other users. (Acquired October 13, 2011)
Old School
Old SchoolRegistered before 2008. (Acquired May 12, 2008)
About MeAbout Me

For those without a 3DS - a Wii version for many of my miis is available by going to the mii you want and clicking on the 'versions' which have earlier upload dates.

A selection of my garden photography and digitally-created art is displayed in the 'images' section of my profile.

my favourites from my imagesmy favourites from my images
I've also submitted over 200 paintings and photographs, here are some that I like the most.