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The chances of Nintendo actually doing such a thing are as slim to nil.

Hi would someone like to play me my code is


town: clow


fire emblem ds is that out yet and if not when is it out

i really hope that it comes to wii looks so cool

killed his mother

i dont really see anything wrong with this with thread it doesnt seem any bit trollish to be...but i havent been here in ages...but gaby if the people dont like you here why dont you just leave the site and find a place that likes you?

people maybe theres a chance you could give this person a second chance and if you have already given it sorry ill shut up now

yes im going to be getting this i have read alot of good things concerning the it looks so cool

well im getting a laptop and my mothers already bought it so i no im getting it...and i suppose im getting some games aswell

well im thinking of a



1 or 2 games aswell

thinking of getin it

tay im happy for you... you look really happy

that was my elbow ^^^ for some reason it just posted

oizawnyjk, q23g54tf thats my fist


ppaul26341 my knockle

[pasiioloy 5trr4 big toe


ya pplz find a site dump the old one looks like tis site gets dumped pritty quick but we all love it

poor poor smexxen


whats tis dear drops are falling on my keyboard

can i post


im being devilish

calm de passion dylon still as hot headed as ever
hi dan
wow hes jst bck give him a break..

hi hi i dont no uzzz
are u



yurt yurt

ya i would go wit ninja 2

L law


shes on about uz

scary i find tis

dont worry Yoshi i dont get it either

waffles sold at 6:96


nothing ment by it waffle

suppose it is my fault he he he he he he

thank the 2 of u for explaining it to me

whats the point of tis im lost

way 2 much reading waffle

wha adastoy i dont get it

i dont think we should limit mii uploads

another brain buster by celery....ya tha is the best one so far

crimson thats the same thing just using a thumb

celerys brain workin over time ^^^
gd battle
hey dv8th
dizzy good idea
bye b1ll
defenitly right ter josean

that sounds like ireland to me always ready for a laugh

shouldnt tis be like deleted because its annoying so many people

messed up people just let smexxen injoy his fame

ohhh im happy for u so wha u think of was ur weddin

celery wha part of ireland im from ireland

looks good to me

is it safe

wow jackrussel most people on the site i think speak english so i dont think there will be many people that will understand u but anywho

wooooo 608 more sexy as we get higher

maybe if people just let the thread die people wont have to see the avater again