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Excellent Mii and a great alternative to an old classic!

2 blue questions :)

1. How do i get the blue streaks to appear in the front of the Kart/Bike? I'll just be going and then...BLAM! Blue stuff everywhere!!!

2. Blue Shell Evasion! I was just about to cross the finish line, and had given up hope cuz  a blue shell was coming (I had a mushroom).Close my eyes so I don't have to see the horror, but some how the Blue Shell didn't take me out, and i got 1st! Any thoughts???


It's not the Wireless controller's fault, or the retroport's. It'll be the same results with a standard SNES controller.

I spoke with the good people at messiah wireless about this setup.

While it sounds intriguing, they informed me (much to their chagrin) that all the controls work in the menu pages. During the game, you can use items/rear-view , and accelerate/drift.

However, it is not possible to steer. :(
Quote Toon&Anime:
I've been using just the wii-mote without the wheel or nunchuck. Is there a wireless conroller that feels like the SNES one? (And what does in cost)

There's a wireless SNES CONTROLLER!!!

Hook it up to ur Wii with this
Quote dizzy boy:
have you had a mod chip put in your wii? if so, that might affect it.

either that, you could try a system update for your wii.

Dunno what makes u think that. Modded and problem free over here!!!
Well if u really want get creative, I'd say make a wheel that houses both the Wiimote and the nunchuck, like Anakin's pod in EP.1

Or, if the Wiimote went in the wheel upside down, you could have both a trigger & a button for the right hand.

Oh well, it's still the best method.

p.s. Where's my horn??? How did they forget to put in the horn-honking
After playing with each controller...alot, I've come up with my conclusions (in bullet form)

Pretty bad. Don't see the point really, unless you don't have a gc controller. The wave bird is a far better classic controller.

-Chuck Wiimote
Pretty awesome. All the buttons are where they're supposed to be, plus you get to flick th Wiimote to perform tricks

As far as a controller goes, this one's my favorite. IMHO the shortcoming here lies in Ninty's inability to make the buttons user-assignable...or something. The weight of the wheel is perfect, and the responsiveness is just right.
But left trigger for Drift??? When you shoot a shell you wanna squeeze a trigger! Counter-intuitive for my tastes.
I agree.

It feels great. Haven't tried the nunchuck yet, but this is excellent!
They had a midnight release, and then cancelled it at all 4 Brooklyn locations!!!

No worries got it already and lovin'it!
Finally got it after they canceled my midnight release!

(Yoshi) 3823-8911-5736

That's a pretty serious ****-up to leave in there, ya know?
Quote dizzy boy:
the wii wheel offers nothing extra to enhance the playability of the mario kart wii. it`s just a sales gimmik. but it does look damn good though, just a shame that it`s crap method to play the game though, i think that either the classic controller or the game cube controller offers better control over your charecters that you use.

I noticed u already got it Dizzy, so you actually have knowledge.

However, "Nothing extra" and "a crap method" are two different issues. What about the wheel don't you like?

I.E. Too tight, too loose, e.t.c

I don't think anyone assumed that the Wii Wheel would have extra features. I for one was hoping that it would be good enough to justify purchasing the multi-axis steering wheel :-">
I was gonna post this in the NP thread because it got so OT that this came up, but instead I just started a new thread :)

I for one am sooo excited to try MKWii with the wheel. Don't care what anybody says, it'll be WiiWheel first for me.
Quote MattJ.:
Mario Kart is gonna rock, no doubt about it.

The real question is, Just how much better then Brawl will it be?

Haha! YEAH!

p.s. sorry for double posting :-">
Quote -------------:
Mario Kart definitely seems to be more of a Challenge than Brawl.

Brawl could have been so much better, had it been harder.


There was a lotta hype around Brawl, albeit manufactured. I barely play it anymore.

Mario Kart is just a better game IMHO, and it has Mii's sick online capabilities.

I'm a little bit sad to hear about the Wii Wheel controls, but I believe the idea that this is not the best Mario Kart is baloney!
Hey Matt! Good to see u here (thought it said u left in the Kart section).

I have Geometry Wars (YEAH!!), but the fact that it's only gonna be Demos isn't definitely not awesome.
One heck of a vid, V.

Back2Back Trip Tspin = 13 lines??? Crazy!!
Yoshi! Negatve Snaking
1gb is what I use and I have plenty of space left over on mine. Homebrew apps are great, and if you want to do anything cool like listen to music, or watch movies, you'll have to get one. All of the above mentioned things, and even playing backups of games ( that you purchased ) are within the legal boundaries regarding copyright infringement. If it was illegal to do it in the US, you wouldn't be able to purchase it from US online companies, like the one I posted a link to above.I personally think it's well worth it to spend $40.00 on something that can do all that.
I use an M3. You can get them here
Functionally - the same thing as an R4, but I dunno, I just always liked the M3's better.
Ps3 = dvd player
360 = LAME!!!!!!
Wii = SSBB games that don't suck
Not like he needs me to rush to his defense, but BobbyBobby does not need to prove himself to anybody, least of all someone with only 1 mii. He is the second most requested Mii Artisan on this site, and if you look at his profile you can quite clearly see that he not only makes great Mii's, but is an exceedingly talented artist as well. Furthermore it's sad, really that after looking at his collection one would assume he could not make this.
You should see it-really good movie.
GJ Dylan :) Especially on the Russell Crowe. That really looks like him.
You're the MAN(now dog);)
Can't wait for T2!!!
Quote Dan94:
i only disconnect wen sum 1 snakes in MKDS bcuz they cheat & they dont deserve a win
I respectfully disagree.
Do I snake? Of course not.
But I think the argument could be made that since it is possible to do it, then by definition it's not cheating.
"So now ducking and shifting your body is actually meaningful to the game"
word. tru. church:)
This guy is seriously on top of his game. I remember when I was telling people about the Wii when it came out, and people would ask me, "so how do you move in boxing?", and I'd be like don't. Clearly Nintendo is not and will never utilize the Wii to it's full potential:)
No worries though, I will continue to put Mod chips in My Wii to make my Wii the best it can be. HA!
I also strongly suggest that anybody else who has considered putting a chip in their Wii to do it soon, because you won't be able to get them in the U.S. much longer.
Hi Dylan! u make good mii's. ur also pretty handy with a computer/photoshop.
I believe that the Dutch view on Santa is not exactly one with servants though, not to say that this Mii is, or isn't inappropriate.
Oh no doubt! im playying the one w/epona right noww!
Quote Dan94:
Quote Uncle Vova:
Have u played the game though? I have(in Nintendo World-which rules btw!!!), and I can safely say that after playing it, I'm def gonna by th Wii Zapper on Ebay so I don't have to pay extra for a "Wii Play" style game/demo, that I would sell back to GameStop anyway:)

It's all about Umbrella Chronicles!
Yea, ive played the Game...ITs not bad.. its actually pretty good IMO, but it is kinda short :/
Kinda Short??? There's only 8 freakin' levels!
See here's my thing. I love accessories, but I never buy them in "bundles". The gun itself is awesome(i own two for multiplayer) but I'm not gonna spend $30.00 plus s/h for a bunch of stuff when ebay has the guns for as low as $4.00- some with laser pointers(show only) and some that vibrate.

Just the other day i got a ds wall charger for $0.01! True, it came to a total of $4.99, but it was delivered to my door! GameSlop charges $15.00 for one of them biotches:)
25 gamer for life!
Quote Uncle Vova:
DOWNLOADED! I like the paste photo to channel Icon! listening to ur own tunes while doing stuff is always cool:)

But wtf is up with inability to do anything else with ur photos??? email-no, save to sd card-no. Nintendo is way too paranoid about that stuff.

I remember when GBA movie player added on the listening to music feature while browsing photos/reading e-books.

I've done some pretty cool stuff in the photo channel, and I'm sure someone who is really creative must be pretty mad after they finish some piece and can't do anything but look at it on their Wii afterwards.LOL. Paranoid Indeed!!!
Okay :)

But, regardless of buttons and what games you can play, it's a freakin' awesome idea.
Bluetooth is just a wireless protocol so the Wii Remotes have a way of pairing with the Wii. Rababob is right about it being infrared. That article I referred to in my previous post has a guy with and infrared kit from radio shack which:
1.Is basically a bunch of stickers that he puts on a glove
2. he puts the Wii remote on the top of the tv, where the sensor bar would be facing the user.
Presto! Minority Report style control of the Wii.
whoa that's ridiculous!!
there was a thing in the news letter a while back where w/$15 kit from radio shack you could make a "minority report" glove to substitute the Wii Remote with. the wii rules!!
Co-sign. Most of the cats who are REALLY nice like Tip, BobbyBobby e.t.c. are older dudes who do their own thing artistically. My Mii'z basically suck but this ninja ish is outta hand. i don't know wut u mean by 'original mii artist page' but i see where ur comin from.
death to ninja
HAHAHAhahaha!! That's wut Im talkin about(long-time Skins' fan so...)
Ur nice with the Miis' dylan-you don't need photoshop[at least not every
I'm not seeing it. I know wut ur talking about and i hate pop-ups, but I only see the normal banner(s).

p.s. death to ninja
Props TIP!!! Dylan can bite all he wants, they'll never be half as ill urs :D
Great movie from beginning to end. saw it recently & the FX are still worthy, but, IMHO, his monologue @ the end is INTENSE! 5'd.
Lol! What do they(nintendo) have against those things anyway? Oh that's right they want me to buy SMB 1 ten more times!!
My Wii wouldn't even let me play MP3 till I updated, and i was like, "oooohh, im sooooo scared!!" They can take down those videos off YouTube all they want. As long as I'm handy with a soldering iron/multimeter, I will continue to exercise my god-given rite to backup my games that I purchased.
Quote Mr.TiP:
Quote A Cheap Pun:
Yea Im excited for him, I favorited alot of his and TIP's miis- Go !sic, hes at like 79 or something, haha

thx and lets **** ninja up

I give props to ur Mii's and BobbyBooby's everytime i see one!!!
Ha! He posted 2x & didn't even read the name:)
I like him even better with the beard!