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Oh my God, Christina Hendricks is my dream woman, and this is a fantastic mii! Oh man, the things I'd do...never mind! :P
Hey, nice L! 5 stars. Check out mine :P
Well we know that Bobby can make Miis, and that you can copy paste them with paint.

5 stars, great mii Jul! :D
Hey $00pah =D
I love it, reminds me of a Lara Croft or a Gia Angelina. 5 stars and bookmark'd
Truly AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 100 stars if I could and bookmark'd!
His eyes should be green. other than that 5*
Thank you Very much Invisible =)
I like it, 5* I think you should make him Super Saiyan, it would look a little better, but only change it if you want to, as it's perfect as it is now.
mine is the original.
can I get some credit for the original plz?
the eyebrows are the crown, the glasses and mole are the jewel, what's so hard to get about that?
Great Bobby! Awesome to see you back! 5* as usual, and you know what I realize as I look at these miis and the movie UP? Carl looks a little like Andy Rooney, lol
No, the event is thru Wireless Mystery Gift dude. I have like 2 of them, Timid and Mild.
Tip!!!!!!!! Awesome! Do Blanka Next PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Je m'excuse, mais cette mii est une copie! A non.
Je m'excuse, mais cette mii est une copie! A non.

Je m'excuse, mais cette mii est une copie! A non.

Oh wow. AWESOME! And I'm from Brampton Too, lol

Because Parents don't give a crap. They get their kids what they want because they try to be their friend instead of a parent.

lol that sounds cool!

back home to

nothing, he's dead.

I'm JokerSoSeri0us on Xbox Live.

Your new name is from A Christmas Story, lol funny movie. i hope mine is still recognizable, lol.

bunch of advil...

This is MarioRulz and I changed my name to ChristmasRulz. (post your name here too and a quick description if you want, I'm bored, lol)

The HD remix, how much is it?

alright guys, I have a new one. and it was available so i went for it. Tell me how you like it... JokerSoSeri0us

I just got 360 and I need a gamer handle/tag. Could I have some help thinking of a cool one? It's gotta have the joker in there somewhere. right now I'm thinking of  crzy66j0k3r but if you can think of a better one please help me. Thanks.

Wow, I've been gone for a long time :O Is gabe stillz here? Anyway, It's good to be back guys =)

awesome, pretty good resemblance!

Awesome. Maybe I'd use the stubble kind of thing to add some texture to the mask, but other than that nice job. 5/5 and bookmarked!

cool, 5/5

Good job. I like thios mii, 5 stars

grrrrrrrrreat! 5 stars fish.

5/5 as well

yes, great fangs fish.

Awesome fishy! 5 stars!

i like it! 4 stars.

i like the teeth effect,, 5 stars

Wow, I am lost for words!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 stars and bookmarked and profile'd!


respect mah authoritah! Awesome Mii, 5 stars!

awesome. the beatles are the pinnacle man! i'm bying this for sure!

Ok, Here's a pic of my halloween Costume guys, I know its not a mii but maybe the pictures epicness makes up for that.

Same, I've been ploughed with homework this past month. I'll upload a picture of my Halloween costume as penance. Enjoy guys. It's good to be back!

wow what a joke. those maraca pictures are exactly what this joke looks like.