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It's not, soz dude. There are whole lists of the songs available around but a lot of them have incorrect stuff. I think nearly all the tracks are YouTube as well along with some that were removed last minute.
I'm only missing the ones from certain challenges now ^^
Toon Link's is the worst. At least in Peach's you can KO the opponents before they have a chance to get up.
Pit's is also pretty poor.His little angel friends have a rubbish sense of direction.
lol That's pretty cool
Name: IGGY
FC: 2878-9325-5262

I have tons of room still so I'll add probs a lot of people. Anyone can add, just let me know obviously so I can add you back. =)
BTW I don't really main people, just usually choose random.
I love it!
That's identical to mine
Voldemort's not real? WHAT THE HELL!?
I'm glad you wii messaged me, this is so cool. How did you get them? I wish I had one XD
made me lol
Now that's an incredible Robotnik!
Good attempt but I wouldn't have had a clue without the name
What the hell are you talking about? I copy nothing
what's a kopie?
Much better, this one looks gaunt rather than Birdo-like.
Looks nothing like him
Thanks Jose, have a limited edition mug =)
Great, beats mine by miles!
cheers mate =D
unfortunately yes, ninty need to upgrade it
great use of the glasses
phht you all get so worked up and try to have a debate over criticism for a mii.
5/5 for looking like the sterotypical jesus
Doesn't look like him
you made him look like a catfish
That's great! 5 stars but if you turn the flash off on your camera or something maybe you can get bette rpicture quality?
Cool, thanks for the feedback
I Like the use of the eyes
Haha, nice. I always lose patience with it. 5 stars
Best Mii on the site. You earn a limited edition muffin mug, well done.
The best Spongebob by far
In what way?
Glad you like :)
What the hell/heck what?
And yeah I know, but I thought culture could be part of books instead. Thanks
Amazing! 5'd
Looks exactly like him. And I was just talking about him. 5'd
Haha, nice. Brings back memories
awesome! can't wait for ashes to ashes...5'd
5'd for sheer originality. Pretty funny too ;)
Jesus Christ, go easy on the Brawl topics, King.
I used the illustration on the book cover, he has brown hair there o.O
The green's the only thing it has going for it and I've seen better...
Awesome! It's a pity he retired...
Red eyes? Really? Well, you point out the red eye opyion on the Mii Channel and I'll just pop right over there and change it. Didn't think so.
And ya, I know, but I'm still gonna try :L
I have no idea what that is but it's funny as hell!
Why does she look like a cheap hooker?
Haha, looks just how I pictured him when I read the book. 5 star'd
That looks nothing like any of the doctors. Ever.
England's gonna get it way late but when I do, I'm gonna play everyone.