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Im going to cut you like a cornish game hen!

Has anyone played the original forbidden siren? I had it for ps2 and it was awful, it had some good ideas but didint execute them properly.

Only 2 or 3 of these games you've mentioned are out, the ps3 aint worth getting yet IMO, mayb next year when resistance2 is released and it has some decent titles under its belt. Has anyone else seen Resistance2? Now that game has grabbed my attention, technically it looks the best game ive ever seen!

At least you didnt all waste your money on the so-called halo killer Haze!

Quote Polysics_2004:
If GTA IV ever came out for the Wii I'd eat my neighbours. Call of Duty 5 was confirmed as being on the Wii a long time ago but there's also going to be PS2 version so it'll just be a port. I've come to realise recently that the only reason to have a Wii is for first-party Nintendo games, that's why I'm getting a PS3 for everything else.
Anyone waiting for some QUALITY titles for the wii from 3rd party developers is going to be waithing an awfully longtime, i know someone who's been waiting for "Day Of Crisis" for over 14 months. Buy a ps3 or 360 if you wanna play games that are not by nintendo as polysics surgested.
Nintendos online play and constant friend code swapping are pathetic, why should i have to swap codes with friends in my address book everytime we get a new game, why cant it be like XBL? I cant see what games they've got/playing and i cant send messges while playing online, i cant send game invites, this service is pants. If the want me to pay for this shady service they've got another thing coming!
Quote -------------:
Dammit, I want to buy This Game SO bad. It's getting praised all over the Place.

This Very well be THE Game of the Year from Somebody OTHER than Nintendo.

Seriously, I looked up Reviews, and the worst it got was a 9.5/10. This Game definitely looks worth it.
Its awesome mate, on and offline. Ive spent most my time playing the online mp, its a right laugh!! Well worth the scores its getting, everyone i know who has it loves it!!
I can be interested in a game without having the console its going to be released on. I had a ps1 with mgs, a ps2 with mgs2, both of which i really enjoyed. My ps2 died b4 mgs3 was released so i missed that one but MGS4 has caught my eye and looks set to be one hell of a game.
There still might be a few minor issues with the graphics but the overall experience far outweighs these minor flaws. GAME OF THE YEAR IMO
If it was out on the wii you'd all be creaming in your undies just like you did when scarface (a ps2 port) was released on the wii.
Everyone must be a gta fanboy then seeing as its getting 9's and 10's everywhere, mostly 10/10
Quote brainiac2:
What's the balance board?
A waste of 70 beans!!!!!!!!!
More 3rd party SHOVELWARE, duz the wii really need ANYMORE? Id like to see some decent titles like Resi5, MGS4 and The bourne conspiracy released but to be honest i cant see it happening.
Ive heard from a few different places that nintendo are quite demanding when it comes to 3rd party developers wanting to make a game for their consoles, this combined with the fact that these developers seem to be struggling to intergrate the motion sensing controls into their games could answer the question that we've all been asking, wheres the support from the 3rd party developers???
Yeah i got this beauty, its just AMAZING. All the graphical issues from the previous games have been addressed in this one, no longer does the road disappear in front of you while driving, you can no longer walk thru car doors and the sky which used to be five lines of variating color has been replaced with something beautiful. I recommend you play this title, the online modes are also really fun.
I dont have a ps3 polysics, its out in june bill
CoOking mama is better than both of them!!
Quote link80:
I use the wii wheel and can't understand why some people say it's useless, maybe they find normal controls more responsive because that's what they're used to and haven't given it enough time.

A lad I know say's that the wii-mote is rubbish for driving games and that excite truck is too hard to control, but it's only because he's crap at it.
Thats probably because excite truck is absolute pants and driving with the wii-mote is a ****ing joke.
GTA 4 IGN video review
Quote Nathan709:
The wii needs some more good games. Don't get me wrong but, the wii doesn't have that many great games. I mean they have Brawl, Twilight Princess, Galaxy, RE4, Super Paper Mario, and Wii Sports but that ain't enough.

What I'd like to see is Silent Hill wii, Resident Evil 5 wii, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, Earthbound 4, Pikmin 3, MGS 4, and GTA 4. Any one agree with me?
Thers no chance of GTA 4, MGS 4, Resi 5, silent hill coming to wii, i cant see any M rated games ever being released on the wii, plus the wii wouldnt be able to handle the visuals of Resi 5, GTA 4 and mgs4, they'd probably have to be built from the ground up, its easier to port ps2 games to it thats why okami, bully and a few others have graced the wii.

Im getting this badboy monday night at 12!!!

A few ninty fanboys i know were thinking this was gonna be rubbish, as ever i knew R* would deliver the goods. Some of these fanboys have watched some vids and come out with some garbage about the camera pitch being funny, the mug who was playing the game was using the right analogue stick to move the camera as they were turning a corner but these fanboys thought it was a camera fault, how little they know!!!!

One ninty fanboy i know tried to tell me they'd used the same city from the 3rd on the ps2 in the new one and that i'd be driving round the same city but with new missions, this liberty city from the 4th has been completely been rebuilt from the ground up, its clear to see in the videos that it aint the same place!
First online review of GTA 4
Im counting down the days till its release, its gonna be massive!! Heres another one, watch it b4 it gets removed like the others! The graphics look slick!
The above videos have been removed
GTA 4 360 gameplay footage, parts 1-3 check it out!!

That video i seen for haze was a late beta one, they said on it at the begining that they were surprised to see this so late in the games development, probably end up being delayed, i seen some screenshots for it earlier and they look sweet.
Cheeseploughmans, that name is making me hungry!!
Quote Polysics_2004:
Ha! There's no debate if you're after that type of game which is better between Scarface and GTA.

But personally I wouldn't right off Haze so quickly it is made by the experts behind Goldeneye, Pefect Dark and Timesplitters.
I have to humour these ninty fanboys,these boys come out with some ridiculous comments, before scarface came to the wii it was rubbish but as soon as its released their jumping on the bandwagon, same with pro evo and bully (canis canem edit). I love freeradicals fps's with timesplitters 2 my fav, what ive seen of haze it looks pretty weak, not a patch on cod4, the only thing that seperates it from other fps's is that nectar device thats on the backs of the marines, they need to come up with some new ideas to make this a contender imo
Some nintendo fanboy tried to tell me scarface is better than gta yesterday, this same person had trouble completing scarface, scarface is a walk in the park compared to any of the gta's, these fanboys should stick to playing wii fit and emergency mayhem and leave the proper games to the professionals!
Haze looks rubbish for a next-gen title, seen a half hour video for it last week. The games to look out for on the ps3 are little big planet and mgs4, most the other games that are being released are on the 360 too! (HARSH LANGUAGE BUT VERY VERY FUNNY)
Quote A Cheap Pun:
Hey everyone, if there is need to close this thread, I understand, but the main point is, I made a Mypsace and Im hoping for some requests.

Your looking good for 27!!
I hope it dont end up like Red Steel!
Quote celery:

It must be time for an update - we've not had a new one since the launch of the N64. And they should bring back that ludicrous uptempo jazz-funk soundtrack from the SNES version while they're at it.
Could be the xmas game the big N are keeping up their sleeve?!
The Big R* dont mess about!!
Its about time one of these 3rd party developers pulled its finger out!
The site wont be fully operational till 29th of this month but you can now pre-register on there and you also get entered into a prizedraw if you register before 28th of this month., its only been up since early this morning and already has around 49,200 members.
Conduit tech demo
Rockstar for life!!
April 29th is a pretty ginormous and fantasmical day for gamers, what with the release of the much anticipated Grand Theft Auto IV (you may have heard of it). But now those waiting can add another metaphorical flower to their bonnet with today's declaration of developer Rockstar's new online project, Rockstar Social Club, which launches on the same day as GTA IV.

What is the Social Club? Well, it works like does for the Halo series. It's a website that offers GTA IV players around the world the chance to check stats from their games and how they compare to others around the world and it's open to anyone with either an Xbox Live Gamertag or a PlayStation Network ID.

Some of the specialties offered are the LCPD Police Blotter, which keeps track of the most commonly used items, the most crime-filled areas in town and so on. For personal achievements, they offer the Story Gang, which keeps an eye on players as they travel through the game's main story, tracks how long they take to complete it and rank who has finished it first (thus letting friends know who has the most free time).

On top of that story-centric list, the Social Club will also feature the 100% Club, which will let the world know who's dedicated enough to finish the game completely. The first 10 people (let's call them "fanatics") to do so will be given a real, commemorative "key to the city" to let the others be aware of their triumph. There will also be a Hall of Fame to illustrate who have gotten more specific feats and who won special Social Club competitions.

A more specific inventory is the Liberty City Marathon, which will track all the player's physical accomplishments, such as bullets fired, miles walked/swam/driven and similar deeds.

Rockstar promises that this is just the beginning, as they plan to use the Social Club to introduce many new competitions and challenges for players for months to come. They also want you to know that the Social Club isn't just for GTA IV, but for more Rockstar games to come.

Players can start registering at this site on April 17th. Hope to see you there soon, Mr. Game&Watch aka AstoundingLemon (Gamertag)
Quote Polysics_2004:
I know what the Orange box is I got the holiday pack a long time ago which has Half-Life: Source, Half-Life: Source Deatmatch, Half-Life 2, Episode one and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. I just really wouldn't have thought it would play well on a console.
Whys that?
Tips would be better instead of large walkthrough section IMO
Quote Polysics_2004:
You got it for the pc right? I just can't imagine Half-Life working on a console.

Ive got the orange box for my 360 its got 5 games on one disc, theres half life 2 and episodes 1&2, team fortress 2 and portal.
Just got The Orange Box, i'll be checking out team fortress2, portal and both half life episodes later on, sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As long as its out/coming out this year, i had a few more games to put into the poll but i could only do 12 of them.
I'll go for Star wars: The Force Unleashed
If its anything like mario baseball on the cube it will be rubish!!!!!!
Everytime i edit my post it makes a new one!!!!!!!!