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road to el dorado
now if there was only a way to give miis wings
es su casa
Good Job

5 stars!
if you look at the full body pic its reallly easy to see that it was photoshopped

but its still good
i gave it 5
dumb like chipmunks
oh yeah! i used to love that movie
from lost?
Quote isic:
Ah maybe musicians should not put thier music out in fear of thieves, maybe the people who make movies, should keep them to themselves, in fear of thieves, or maybe painters should not showcase thier work at art gallery's in fear of thieves! i currently design video games, i am a concept artist so maybe i should put a halt on the game i have been working on in fear of thieves! i'm not like that! i am an artist and i like to share my art with others! so that is why i post my miis on the net! when people start taking credit for my work, that's when i have a problem! i write music and it is on the net, i draw and my drawings can be found on the net, so naturally i put my miis on the net as well so i can share my art with others! when you put your heart and soul into your art you want people to enjoy it, on the same token you don't want anyone stealing your art and taking credit for it! so if you don't understand that then my guess is that you are not an artist! so i will continue to fight for my art and i will continue to tell the yo-yo's, who insist i should just chill, to get lost! why care when the only contrabutions to this site are posts! in my opinion if you don't have miis, not only do you have no place commenting commenting on my actions, but you have no business being a member of this site! it is called MIIPLAZA.NET after all!

you told him
Quote Yoshistar64:
Quote Alpha:
Quote Charlieboy:
On a happy note,

Who here cant wait for the new site?!

When that hits, I and whoever else will make sure its a awesome site for everyone!
I can't wait, Charlieboy. When it's released, this site will be the bomb!

Isn't it already the bomb?

But it will be better, I know that!
yes we are the bomb but when the new site comes we will be the nuclear bomb!
VIVA LA RESISTANCE... as soon as i get my wifi working again :(
happy birthday
nice mii!
what the hell?
well he's gone now
i havent posted any of my new ones lately or been on for that matter but i think my aliens could maybe be featured
his name is eddie riggs it even says so on the cover

good mii though 5 stars
i wish my wifi was working so that i could help take down the "check mii out channel" (or as we should start calling it the "Plagiarism Channel")
Quote isic:
Lets vote for the originators! artists need to fight for our miis! lets show the world the power of!!

im all for that
if life gives you lemons, kill everyone involved in making the high scool musical movies
i hate it when i see a mii that has been stolen
i have recreated some miis and if you see one of mine that some else made first please tell me so that if i didnt give someone credit for it i can there is a difference between stealing and recreating and that is whether you give credit to who deserves it
metaknight is probaly going to be a boss and then when you beat him you unlock him
i have but i dont have a 360 yet and i might not be able to get it
sweet site
master99's darth vader is a recreation of bobby bobbys but he says he made it original himself
you blinged out your mii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

later that night
satan:"would one of you pass the salad?"
Quote Rpd:
that site killed my wii lol

ha ha
Quote MegaManX:
it has been confirmed that ganondorf and sheik will return to ssbb well if sheik returns i guess that means zelda too

zelda has been confirmed but neither ganondorf or sheik have been
Quote I am An Overweight Waffle:
no, Cuber whats your dudes name?


i made it a long time ago
did u make a clan?
Quote Dv8thwonder:
Cel Damage

realy it is ?

i made mine so that when my mom finds out that i have one i can prove to her that i wont get kidnapped so far i have been contacted by 3 possible child abductors
i havent played in a while but im like level 65 or something
yeah when i first played i was angry because you can take a few hits from two fling goomba and you are alreay up to 100% damage

and on floating platforms it is annoying when you fall through them

this game isnt the best but it gives me something to do

oh and plasma where do i download mugen from cause once my computer starts to work right again i will try that out
i only need to get four more characters

mr incredible- im working on getting him it shouldnt be too hard

cloud- im having some trouble

zero- i messed up and thought it said CLASSIC on normal or better

game and watch- i gotta get the others first

ps the glitch to get super sonic really works

ppss do the rest of you abuse the master hand glitch cause i sure as heck do

pppsss i got zero
Quote Miss Tayee:
lol. same with mine... lol they dont know i have one. lol

same here i just made mine the other day
if you have the right conditions you can unlock two characters at once i played through adventure as knuckles so i could use him to beat naruto and i ended up fighting naruto and then inuyasha
i am usualy against making mario miis but this one is great
miis like this are why i am in general against mario miis
thats pretty good
Quote CH-RiS (Chrisbjwii):
magician never tell thier secret

pretty please with cherries on top
assist trophies!!!
oook now i see it

i just usualy never look all the way down there
naruto shippuden episodes naruto the abtidged series and yugioh the abridged series
Quote Charlieboy:
haha...yea, pokemon's pretty dope

try telling that to my parents
where do you find this?