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Your "silhouette series" is wonderful. ^_^
Wow, nice avatar! ^_^
Yeah, please take care because he is a rowdies. Thank you, Jules! ^_^
Wow, I was impressed by your excellent creative power.
Hi Cheetos! Excuse me, I can't understand what you said.
Thank you, Rpd!
I think that it was no easy task for you to make your 200 Miis. I express my respect for the continuity of your effort. Congratulations celery! ^_^
Thank you, Bobby Bobby! He cuts anything with his two swords. And, he might appear in your Parade tonight. ^_^
Thanks. He wants also to be participating in your Parade.
Yeah! Thank you, Jules.
Wooow! Did you cast a spell on him? ^_^
Cool! Can your Wii give birth to golden Mii? ^_^
nice Mii!
His mysterious face makes him conspicuous.
He looks like "kakashi (Japanese scarecrow)".
My favorite!
Your Miis looks strange. However, they have the charm. I like them very much.
nice Mii!
I like this mother and child Mii very much.
I like this Mii very much.
These special Miis were delivered to all Wii users in Japan by Nintendo.
Thank you, Jenna.
Now let's dance with him.
Yeah, his big eyes are very lovely.
He is very happy because he is loved by a lot of people. Thank you really.
Yeah, his red eyes are very fearful.
Thank you, Digigibbs.
Yeah, I made this Mii imagining the beetle.
Yeah! I wish a similar present to be executed also in the country of everybody.
Thank you, Tomcat!
Yeah! Thanks!
This is like to "Chow-Chow" in China very well. "kawa-ii (lovely, cute)"
This is exactly fit in my image of Dracula.
I want to make unique Mii like this. This is a wonderful conception.
Thank you.
Thanks. I challenge making more interesting Mii in future.
Thank you, KooDola. Could you attach the icon of your Miis on next mail?
Thank you.
Yeaaah! There was a frog of such a face in front of my house a little while ago.
Thanks. I am very glad for you to like "nubatama".
Thank you. I like very unique Miis that you made.
Thank you, Jules!
As for me, noticing your comment has slowed, I'm sorry. I send you this Mii with pleasure. Red flame and kotamamusi will become good friends!
Yeah! Cool is said, "kakko-ii" in Japanese. Thank you.
Many thanks, my firends!
Hi Charlieboy! I want to make Wii friends with you. When your wifi revives, could you contact me?
Thank you for everybody. Miis that you made stimulates my desire for creation.
Wooow! Man who kept making a lot of unique Mii showed the talent again.
The ability of the conception of man who tries to make Mii of "Metaknight" is wonderful. I did not have such ability at all.
A true charm of this Mii is not transmitted to you in the photograph. You should see the man who is moving wanting learn his truth by you. A very good expression him.