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Uploading Errors ResolvedUploading Errors Resolved
July 1, 2012: Just a quick note, we had some issues with uploading in the last week, and they have been resolved. So get uploading!

Have you heard the news about the Miiverse? Be sure to tell us what you think over in the forum, and have a fun and creative summer!
Recent Server Outage Explained (and 5th Anniversary Gift Winners!)Recent Server Outage Explained (and 5th Anniversary Gift Winners!)
March 23, 2012: About two or three days ago's database server went AWOL, created about 50gb of junk data to fill up the drive, and resultantly corrupted a lot of data.

Thankfully after much hair-pulling and brief periods of cardiac arrest, Jose (yours truly) was able to revert the data that was corrupted to a backup from the 19th of March. Most of the data like uploads and users and all the important stuff was retained right up until the site was taken offline. The only thing that regular users may notice is that if they had earned a badge just before the outage, you may need to earn it again (from your progress on the 19th).

I'll be using this coming weekend to attempt to setup a true mirror of the database so that if the database does have issues in the future, the site will switch to the backup, instead of having the site go down while under repair.

Even though updates have been slow-coming lately, I would like to remind everyone that will not up and leave you because of some pesky technical issue, and I am committed to future endeavors with the site when possible!

As always, thanks you for your understanding. If anyone notices anything amiss, please contact us about it as soon as possible!

As for the 'most active' user gifts to celebrate our 5th year running, we'd like to officially announce that the following five users were the most active in the month of December.

The winners: celery, Eben-Frostey, King Galaxy, UltimateGamer, and Cryo!

If you haven't already, please contact us to claim your gift game code. Gifts will be sent electronically via email at the end of March.

Now what are you waiting for? Let's see what you created while the servers were down!
Best in 2012!Best in 2012!
January 1, 2012: would like to wish everyone the best in 2012!

It's going to be an interesting year! With the Wii U potentially coming to stores, we're sure to hear more information about the future of the other consoles as well, and for, that means a lot of inevitable updates and changes.

Consider this a toast to five years of creativity and community, and maybe another 5 more!
Happy Holidays! 5 years!Happy Holidays! 5 years!
December 7, 2011: Can you believe it? is celebrating it's 5th anniversary!

To celebrate, we'll be selecting five top contributors (using a top secret formula) over the next month to receive (small) prizes as a token of our gratitude.

So let your creativity flow! Let's see your Skyrim character, your latest Miis, your Mario Kart, or just join in the forum games!

See you in 2012!
Halloween Contest and Bug FixesHalloween Contest and Bug Fixes
October 11, 2011: Hello all, just a quick note about uploading and recent server troubles: they've been resolved and the cause of the problem (a rogue backup script) was eliminated.

It's been some time since the last updates to the site but there's some incoming. Stay tuned and if you have some time, why not drop by the forums to participate in the Halloween Contest?
April RecapApril Recap
May 3, 2011: In what may become a trend, n8BitMan has recapped the events and contributions of April 2011 over in the forums.

He's got an interview with Eben-Frostey, some statistic and analytics, and even has visual aids. Be sure to give it a read.
Data Loss (Updated)Data Loss (Updated)
April 10, 2011: While reworking the backup systems, a terribly-timed event occurred and data was lost. There's a slim chance more data may be able to be recovered, but it's looking unlikely.

Corrupted or lost images: 195
Corrupted or lost image "versions": 254

About 30 of those were Jose's and are now fixed, and some appear to have never existed in the first place (upload errors).

Unfortunately, it appears that users who were impacted were heavily impacted, the first noticed being profiled artist ShakeandBake. If you are one of these users, we are deeply sorry and offer assistance in recovering your profile data. You can email Jose directly if you desire such assistance.

Update: There is now a solution for users missing data. If you are affected, when you go to your Uploads page it will automatically notify you and present you with a tool to help rebuild your damaged portfolio while keeping original dates and times and other data intact.

The Blast Works section will be fully restored soon, and uploading and editing has been re-enabled.

Our deepest apologies to those affected by the loss.
More Site UpdatesMore Site Updates
April 1, 2011: A few useful updates this week, including some new user page features and some updates for 3DS Miis. On with the list...
  • When editing a Mii, if you add a new image (version; e.g. a 3DS update), the console selection and QR code will be applied to that version. This way Wii versions and 3DS versions of the same Mii are distinguishable for future site enhancements.
  • Image uploads can now be associated with a game. This data will also be used in future site updates, and popular games will get their own categories.
  • "Display Publicly" setting is now available for 3DS Friend Codes, Xbox Gamertags, and PSN IDs on the Preferences page.
  • The My Friends page has been updated to include the various console user IDs supplied by your friends.
  • The game and user pages now have custom background colors when using the "Version 3.0" theme. If you already have a custom background set, you will need to "Allow Overrides" to see the page's override colors.
  • Game pages have seen some minor improvements, including console-specific color schemes, news, and visual improvements. 3DS Games have also been added.
  • Usernames can now be searched on the Users Search page for contents instead of exact matches.
  • Users may now set a custom image header for their page by selecting an image in the Preferences section from their uploads.
  • Users may now link to a group by its "tag" in Miis or images. Some possible URL examples are below, and visitors can search within the results.
To see the new user page enhancements, check out:
...rababob's political Miis:
...or Andy's celebrities:
...or browse Jose's Forze photos:
First 3DS Miis & More UpdatesFirst 3DS Miis & More Updates
March 26, 2011: celery has uploaded the first 3DS Miis to Thanks, celery! problems?
To celebrate the launch of the 3DS, and counter the dip in search engine rankings for "Mii" since changing the site URL, all Miis have been moved to this new subdomain. Users may find they're being logged out of the site when they're browsing Miis; if this happens to you, to permanently fix the problem, you'll need to logout and login again.

More Updates
Yet another list of updates as we prepare for the arrival of our 3DS orders stateside...
  • QR Codes can now be uploaded with Miis. QR Codes are scannable codes that are generated by the 3DS and enable gamers to download Miis directly from via the 3DS camera.
  • Version 3.0 users can now select their choice of color for the page background.
  • All Miis now live on and have custom page descriptions and thumbnails to improve their rankings in search engines.
  • "Display My Images" sorting option now available in Preferences
  • "3DS Friend Code" setting now available in Preferences
  • Xbox and PS3 games are now available site-wide and in the games section to vote on, review, and add to your collection.
  • You can now quickly rate games in the games sections.
  • Wii and DS games have been updated.
  • You can now use the checkboxes while browsing games to add multiple games to your account at once.
  • You can now re-vote on Miis, images, or anything else you've voted on.
  • More bug fixes and optimization
New Artist Profile & More UpdatesNew Artist Profile & More Updates
March 20, 2011: More Artist Profiles!
Congratulations to Eben-Frostey, for his well deserved Artist Profile this week.

More Site Updates
It's been a busy few weeks behind the scenes of, despite all the updates listed in the last update, there's even more this week:
  • The Artist Profiles page has been completely revamped.
  • The Latest & Greatest home page section has been reworked, and now includes featured users, recent image uploads, the current popular game, news article, and forum thread.
  • Layout Version 3 is now the default view for supported browsers.
  • Version 3 users can now change the background gradient color in their Preferences.
  • User Mii pages now include a search widget for searching through a single user's Miis.
  • The "Downloads" page under "My Account" has been removed and consolidated with the "Games" page.
  • "Bookmarks" page under "My Account" now separates Mii bookmarks from image bookmarks, and puts forum bookmarks at the top.
  • Mii Portfolio" and "Image Portfolio" widgets no longer contain user profile information (see next item).
  • "User Profile" widget is now heavily truncated while in the smaller column, and now precedes Portfolios on image and Mii pages (see last item).
  • Widgets (such as private messages and Mii lists) now work properly when JavaScript fails to load or on devices without JavaScript support.
  • An updated look for images embedded in comments using the (mii) tag.
  • JavaScript for the User Map and Chat services have been upgraded.
  • More improvements and bug fixes to the layouts for both themes. Version 3 Beta, Xbox Live & PSN Version 3 Beta, Xbox Live & PSN Widgets
March 16, 2011: Version 3 Beta
The long teased redesign can now be previewed by all users. Before you do, know that you'll need a modern browser: Internet Explorer 9, Safari 5, Firefox 4, or the latest version of Chrome. If you're sure you're ready, head over to your Preferences page and scroll down to where it says "Theme" and select the Version 3 Beta theme. You can change back to the old theme at any time.

New Xbox Live & PSN Widgets (updated)
Also new on the Preferences page, Xbox Live Gamertag and PlayStation Network ID settings will enable any future Xbox- or PlayStation-related features, as well as provide data to the new "Xbox Live" and "PlayStation Network" widgets you can add to your profile page (or login page). This will display your Gamer Pictures, GamerScore, Trophies, and recently played games. Jose's page has examples of both.

Other Updates
In recent weeks, many other updates have rolled out silently (mentioned only in the Suggestions forum thread), including: user comment history on user pages; clickable links to afformentioned comment history and Miis now display in those very same comments; user image gallery pages are now paginated; private messages now inform of new comments on your uploads; there's a brand new "Upload" page with support for 3DS-made Miis; some long-standing comment editing bugs have been resolved; support for foreign language characters in comments has been fixed; and controversially, the user Mii pages have been paginated. We're working on a further revamped solution for the user Mii pages, and will resolve the issues reported soon.

New Artist Profiles
It's been a long time coming, but there are now new Mii artist profiles: dizzy boy and King Galaxy, two long-standing members and heavy contributors. The community voted, and we all thank them for sharing their artistic visions with us over the years. Congratulations to them both. If there's an artist you feel deserves the spotlight, click on the "Vote for Artist" button on their Mii Portfolio.

Version 3 Beta Notes
If you have any technical problems (not relating to visual bugs) with the new layout, please be sure to report them.

If you'd like to see your original artwork used in the headers and footers of, simply upload your work to the Images section and send me a private message with links to your artwork. I'll review your submissions, and if any fit the criteria they will be taken into consideration.

There may be some visual inconsistencies on some pages of the site. We are aware of these issues and will patch them before Version 3 is taken out of "Beta" status later in March for the release of the 3DS.

Thanks for the support, now let's see those 3DS Miis next month!
Coming Soon: Rounded Corners & 3DSComing Soon: Rounded Corners & 3DS
February 26, 2011: Coming to a modern web browser near you: version 3.0.

A host of functionality updates and fixes will accompany the redesign, some of which are already implemented. The new design features artwork by members, and reduces the number of images and load times of every page across the site.

With the 3DS and an updated Mii Editor making it's way into the world, it's now possible to select which console was used when uploading a Mii. If a lot of these come in, this distinction will be worked into the rest of the site.

Thanks for your continued support of!
Small UpdatesSmall Updates
April 29, 2010: A small list of updates from the last few weeks:
  • Google search results now return proper URLs, and are much improved.
  • Xbox and PS3 news sections have been added.
  • Navigation: "Miis" now brings users to all-time most-bookmarked Miis, and "New Miis" has been added to go to the newest postings.
  • Navigation: "Featured" links have been removed until we sort out the issues with it.
  • Forums: "Animal Crossing" forum has been merged with "Nintendo Wii."
  • The "Users Online" widget once again shows how many hidden users are online.
  • Two new moderators.
  • User status tags resetting on comments have been fixed.
  • The FAQ makes a return. It's a bit out-of-date and there's probably some errors, but it's back and we'll have it updated soon.
  • trevorperry, world famous uploader, has been usurped by Toon&Anime, the first (and not the last) actual recipient of the "Most Uploads" award.
More tweaks are coming, and new features will be coming in the coming weeks. Thank you, and enjoy!
Happy Twenty-TenHappy Twenty-Ten
January 1, 2010: It's a new decade, and though there's no news to report, wishes everyone the best for the new year!
Database TroublesDatabase Troubles
August 25, 2009: Many may have noticed that the database "could not be connected to" many times in the last week or two. Or perhaps you've noticed that everything that happened on August 24th vanished into thin air. Our apologies. This was the result of the database cache getting too large for the drive, and the problem is now fully resolved and the database resides on it's own drive, so there should be some minor speed improvements using the site as a welcome side-effect.

If the summer heat has kept you outdoors and you're just returning from vacation, be sure to check out the Miis section which has seen some excellent new additions over the last few months from artists old and new.
Community HighlightsCommunity Highlights
February 11, 2009: A lot has happened since we assumed our new identity of, here's some of the highlights in case you missed them.

Blast Works artists are taking things to a whole new level with recent entries like Temple of Janus, Z-Day, Zp+, Body Wars X1, Music, and Roboter to name only a small few! If you managed to score a copy of Blast Works, get downloading!

The name change hasn't kept the great Mii artists away, either. rababob noticed that celery has overtaken AtkaFighter in the category of most Miis, with a current total of 481! There are also four new artist profiles for artists B1LL, Andy Anonymous, KingZombie, and most recently, D. Maria! If you have suggestions for who should be profiled next, let Jose know.

In the coming days some updates will be making their way to, including the finalization of the reputation system. Other changes and updates that you'll notice will be speed enhancements, layout enhancements, better browser compatibility, more restrictions on new users and more privileges for long-time members, as well as a much needed overhaul to the Mii & Blast Works browsing and searching. Until then, thanks for the continued support.
Introducing ""Introducing ""
October 21, 2008: To our long-time friends and recently-registered users, we present a new address with which to reach the web's largest Mii archive and the only place to download user-made levels for Blast Works: Build, Trade, Destroy.

After months of searching the domain aftermarket and available domains, we realized that the creative boundaries of the community as it has been established and exists simply knows no lingual bounds, no defining words. So a simple and easy-to-remember URL was chosen -- one you'll be able to find the site at for years to come.

We've been dedicated to building and providing a superior experience for creative gamers to outlet and champion their creations.
October Community UpdateOctober Community Update
October 8, 2008: Some community news for this week... A forum user, B1LL, is hosting a Halloween Mii contest in the forums, add your vote and check out some creative new Halloween Miis.

From the recent Nintendo press event comes announcements of a new Punch-Out!, and a new console, the DSi. And for those who want something new now, there's Mega Man 9 on the Virtual Console.

Blast Works user Gryzor has been hard at work creating videos of his amazing levels, as well as selected other user's levels and they can all be viewed in the forums. We'll have them up in the Depot very soon, and recommend all to check out the Blast Works community's fantastic creations!
Recent Registration ProblemsRecent Registration Problems
September 22, 2008: IMPORTANT notice to all recently-registered users! An error on our behalf caused new users passwords to be stored incorrectly, and some of you may not be able to access your new MiiPlaza or Blast Works accounts. To fix the issue, you can simply use the "Forgot Password" form to reset your password and login to your account.
Site UpdatesSite Updates
August 25, 2008: We've got a laundry list of bugs and improvements this week, and appreciate the support for identifying and patiently awaiting solutions for any errors you encounter during your experience at and the Blast Works Depot. There's been a lot of great levels coming through the Depot such as Gryzor's creations, Body Wars, and the Destructoid contest entrants. They're all on the Featured Blast Works calendar, so download them and let the creators know what you think! You can check the Featured Mii box on the calendar to check out some of the finest Miis uploaded to the site as well.

New Features:
  • The Newsletter now delivers status information on personal forum threads, Miis, and Blast Works.
  • Blast Works "Versions" now automatically link to new and old versions from the same object tree.
  • Comments and game reviews sections now resemble the forums.
  • French and German language translations are available site-wide.
  • Download History has been added to the Downloads page.
  • Poll widget adorns front page, coming to user pages soon.
Check the comments for a list of bug fixes.
E3 News & Site UpdatesE3 News & Site Updates
July 17, 2008: Big announcements from E3 this week, compressed into a small list: Nintendo's WiiSports Resort comes with a pack-in WiiMotion Plus, Dead Rising making it's way to the Wii, The Conduit will use WiiSpeak, a new Rayman Raving Rabbids party game, confirmed new Zelda, Mario and Pikmin games, Mega Man 9 in 8-bit glory, Wario Land, Mario Super Sluggers, updates on the Sin-City-esque Madworld, previously announced titles Animal Crossing: City Folk and WiiMusic, and last but not least... Xbox Miis? We tease.

Meanwhile, we've been toiling diligently over a long list of emails and bug reports. Your patience while issues have been being worked out is appreciated, and we hope this update makes your experience that much better while we continue to solve some of the issues not in this update. There will be a bigger update coming soon with even more new features and bug reports already in development.

New Features
- 'Uploads' are now consolidated in My Account area
- Blast Works uploads management
- New Badge: 'Blast Works Critic' (joining previously unannounced badges 'Mii Critic,' 'Mii Rater,' 'Blast Worker,' 'Pro Blast Worker,' 'Blast Works Artist,' and 'Blast Works 15 Minutes')

Bugs Fixed
- "Last Comment" on Miis
- Calendar fixed for users in affected timezones
- Forum 'Last Post' on new topics bug
- Delete comment bug (on Mii pages)
- 'Vote for Artist' button functions correctly once more
In the NewsIn the News
July 1, 2008: IGN awarded Blast Works with Game of the Month for June, beating out Rock Band! If you haven't given this shooter a shot, you may be missing out. For those of you who have picked it up, is having a level design contest with a lot of good swag for prizes, so be sure to drop them a comment if you've got a cool level to submit!

In general site news, just some small tweaks, additions and bug fixes being made, and you may notice new icons, badges and links popping up all over the place. We've got an inbox full of bugs and we're doing everything possible to account for all of them.

There's some new Artist Profiles in the Artist Profile section, as pointed out to me by RedSoxFan. Check out Dylan, Roxii, and Crimson Fury's work and remarks.

Last, but certainly not least, there is a Mii design contest being organized by Dylan$513 in the Forums, and the prize is Furu Furu Park for the Wii, so if you've got some unseen Mii ideas, now's the time to shine.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July if you celebrate it.
Blast Works LaunchBlast Works Launch
June 10, 2008:
Shooter fans, rejoice, Blast Works is now available at retail stores in the U.S. We hope to see some new users with the game's arrival and encourage everyone who enjoys shooters to pick it up or give it a rent, try it out, and download a few levels (or even create one). There's an introduction video in the Blast Works section if you are unsure of what the game is about or if it's a game you would enjoy.

Those affected by the game list bug may also rejoice, for it has been fixed. More updates and bug fixes are on their way.
Bugs! (Updated)Bugs! (Updated)
May 14, 2008: Thanks to everyone sending in bug reports through the Contact link - we're handling them one by one and will get to all of them.

Please note that MSIE 6 has a lot of incompatibilities at the moment that are being worked on; please see the previous news post for supported browsers if these bugs are preventing you from enjoying the web site.

Thanks for your patience!

Squished bugs:
- Uploading Miis now works.
- Uploading Mii versions now works.
- Long-time Featured Mii bug fixed.
- Featured Mii calendar history fixed.
- Date bug fixed.
- CMO code back on Upload Mii form.
- Blank comments bug (possibly?) fixed.
- 'Not Accepting' Friend Request message now displays.
- Comments arriving as numbers fixed.
- Previous 'number' comments also fixed! - Commenting in Image section fixed.
New Design, Public BetaNew Design, Public Beta
May 12, 2008: We're pleased to roll out a host of new updates to the site today, and for some, there will be very little to complain about... but we've sort of left Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 users in the dust.

While we are committed to helping and improving the site for all browsers, you're best off going with the most recent version of your personal favorite. (Firefox, MSIE 7, Opera, or Safari).

We'll be rolling out new features, fixing bugs, and posting lots of news about how to use new features, updates for Blast Works, and so much more over the next few weeks, and we thank you for your patience and support during this time while the dust is settling.

MiiPlaza is changing names.MiiPlaza is changing names.
April 11, 2008: An important update for everyone, the domain names this site has been operating under are going to no longer be in our possession soon, there is nothing we can do about it. We need to select a new URL, we need to select it fast, and we will update you when we know it. You'll have to redirect your browsers to a new URL in the coming months, specifically one that does not contain "Wii" or "Mii" in the title, and we will let everyone know exactly what URL that is as soon as we've chosen one. Suggestions are welcome, please post away!!

Please note that this is non-negotiable, and we are doing our best to make the change a positive one!
Blast Works: Build, Fuse, DestroyBlast Works: Build, Fuse, Destroy
March 29, 2008: On May 6th, 2008, Blast Works: Build, Fuse, Destroy will be released to retail stores in North America. Blast Works will integrate with directly through the Wii, allowing you to create custom levels and ships and share them seamlessly through the web site, with direct uploading and downloading of player-created content.

This integration will bring thousands of new users and artists to the site, as well as some professional support from the publisher and developers. The game will have a forum section moderated by people involved in production of the game, new and exciting contests, and will fit snugly in with Miis as gamer-generated artwork.

You can pre-order a copy of the game at GameStop.
Worms: A Space Oddity GiveawayWorms: A Space Oddity Giveaway
March 28, 2008: Our advertising partners are giving away 10 copies of Worms: A Space Oddity. It's a great game if you're lucky to win, so take a shot if you'd like. Worms: A Space Oddity is sadly lacking Wi-Fi support, but the level editor and Wii controls make for a fun Worm-frag-fest if you've got three friends to enjoy it with.
Welcome, Brawlers.Welcome, Brawlers.
March 9, 2008: has always catered to Mii lovers, and today we welcome another breed: Smash Bros. Brawl players.

For now, those that are new or haven't been here for a while will have to meet and challenge other players in the forums or the chat, but very shortly we'll be upgrading the web site with a large host of new features and a slick new design that's going to bring yet another array of features to compliment your Wii online experience.

Stay tuned and enjoy

Update: Brawl Friend Codes in the forums and more Brawl Friend Codes in Game Reviews.
Toon&Anime (David) Profiled, Site UpdatesToon&Anime (David) Profiled, Site Updates
February 13, 2008: Though Toon&Anime (David) has been profiled for what is technically over a week, today also brings a small update to the Profiled Artists section that allows you to view it.
Artist Profiles & Site UpdatesArtist Profiles & Site Updates
January 23, 2008: Two new Artist Profiles for MTL and marcelgom have been added to the profile section rather quietly in the last two weeks. It's been quite a while since we've honored some Mii artists, and we can't wait to see who gets the nod from the community next.

Random issues over the last few days, caused by limited server resources, have been resolved, and various site activities like logging in and making submissions, posts or edits should now operate as expected.
Block Rockin' Mii Contest: WinnerBlock Rockin' Mii Contest: Winner
January 15, 2008: Congratulations to Andy Anonymous and the four Rolling Stones Mii members who will be taking home the prize from the Block Rockin' Mii Contest.

We'd like to apologize for the delays in announcing the winner to recent contests, as well as the ineligibility of some countries. We'll do our best to involve the international community in future contests.

As far as the Halloween Mii "contest" is concerned, a couple of you Mii submitters will be contacted and we'll send you a small token of affection for helping liven up for the holidays.
One Year of MiiOne Year of Mii
December 4, 2007: When Jose saw a primitive version of an Ackbar Mii hit a popular video game message board a year ago, throwing together the initial web site that was was more of a knee-jerk reaction than well-executed idea. Over the last year, the response from the masses has provoked and encouraged further development, as more and more artistic and inspiring contributions were added to the gallery. Less than a year later, hit 1,000,000 visitors and had become the world's largest public suppository for Miis. It's safe to assume a few real-world icons who have been Mii-ified have come to laugh and enjoy their fan-made avatars, and really, how cool is that?

The twisting and positioning of Mii parts is not unlike many other avatar creation systems found in past video games; however, the limiting selection and use of the avatar in WiiSports on Nintendo's first hit console in generations were the key factors in elevating the act of designing a Mii from a tedious pre-game process to a hobby. Though seperate in motive, it is this tie that bonds us in enjoying the creations of our peers: the games we play and love. It is this connection that makes the 'art of Mii' unlike any predecessor.

All the same, the act of decidedly placing pieces in the Mii editor to form familiar imagery will likely never be decreed as high art. has been the place for thousands to share their creations and receive feedback, whether it's a world-famous Jack Black or a perfect rendition of your Aunt Sally. It has been a pleasure to provide, and continue to provide, this service to the gaming community. Perhaps as a collective, as a movement, the art of Mii as a whole may be inspirational enough to future artists and game developers to warrant a small place in art history. Only time will tell.

We salute those who have contributed to the community enough to draw the eyes and mouse clicks of the many in 2007 with the year's top ten.

Top Ten Most Requested Miis
Mii Views Unique Views
Zoidberg 23,616 13,830
Master Chief 2 14,342 9,961
Mario 13,067 9,145
Venom 12,592 7,340
Jack Black 12,143 9,041
Darth Vader 11,213 6,838
Samus 10,725 7,732
The Venom 10,650 6,706
Robocop 10,103 6,760
Storm Trooper 10,067 7,272
Top Ten User Profile Requests
User Views Unique Views
Atkafighter 58,258 31,182
Bobby Bobby 24,460 9,138
isic 18,840 7,117
Autx 12,771 2,820
Charlieboy 12,747 4,670
MR. TIP 10,290 4,900
Adam J. 7,441 3,211
Ali420 7,286 2,614
Jose Nintendo 7,111 4,682
Jules 6,782 2,989

Didn't come up on the lists? No fear. 2008 is a new year, and we have a lot in store. We've been working hard this year to form relationships and allocate resources, and will be seeing a large rework in short time.

As for what's in store in early 2008, we hope to bring more ways for you to share Mii creations, rate games, find opponents, and be involved in a creative community of video gamers around the world. Expect more user-centric content, personalized pages, upgraded Mii collection tools, and easier ways to contribute, collaborate, and find what you're looking for, as well as some big surprises. We can't share all the details yet, so keep checking back to see what's new.

In the mean time, while the current site is in it's development stasis, you can help support the community effort by voting for your favorite artists in the Check Mii Out Channel. We're particularly proud of seeing Bobby Bobby recently dethrone "Ninja," the Master Mii Thief, and we hope to see more long-time Mii artists pop up in that top 100!
One Year of MiiPlaza.netOne Year of
November 25, 2007: On November 27th, 2006 the first Mii was uploaded to We decided to celebrate by allowing the domain name to expire. Our apologies to anyone who missed on Sunday.

Thanks to the nearly 19,000 registered users and thousands of Mii artists who have submitted to the site.

We're proud to be launching yet another contest for Cabela's Big Game Hunter this week, and launching a complete redesign and redevelopment in the months ahead.

There's interesting things in store for's second year and we look forward to providing for the growing needs of the worldwide Mii and Wii community.

Update: The contest is coming soon, sorry for the error.
Happy Holidays!Happy Holidays!
November 21, 2007: Happy Holidays to everyone, whatever holidays they may celebrate this time of year.

If you've got some extra holiday bucks, why not check out Ghost Squad, a Sega-developed action game, or Namco Museum Remix? Both games MSRP at $30, and may be overlooked with Mario Galaxy and Brawl, but are worth a try.
Block Rockin' Mii ContestBlock Rockin' Mii Contest
November 17, 2007: Sure, you could design pilgrim Miis this weekend with a flat, black eyebrow hat and questionable gratification... or you could design rock star Miis and win a super-size copy of Guitar Hero III with an iPod. Really, it's your choice.

For those of you who make the correct one, head over to the Block Rockin' Mii Contest page and upload a shot of your favorite rock act. You could win yourself a copy of that hot new guitar game that's sitting happily at 4th highest rated Wii game on

Get your groove on and let's see some of those obscure legends make their debut!
Check Mii OutCheck Mii Out
November 13, 2007: Welcome, new users! It seems new and old Mii artists are coming out of hiding with the newly released channel.

A quick update, Miis may now be updated with "Check Mii Out" codes. These codes will appear on the Mii's page.

Over a million people have visited since our launch a little over a year ago, and it's no secret who the real artists are.

We hope to continue to see the creative minds behind Mii artistry thrive in the community and we've got a lot of other things coming that should be of great compliment.

A couple treats for the biggest Halloween Mii contributors will also be forthcoming, along with more contests. Stay tuned.
I am ErrorI am Error
October 30, 2007: There was a strange glitch that caused everyone's Wiimail to be replaced by some really, really old messages. This glitch is fixed. Thanks to the many of you who noticed and wrote in.
It's game season!It's game season!
October 24, 2007: It's that time of year again, when hundreds of games drop into retail chains begging for your holiday cash, and is proud to host their efforts.

Naruto: Clash of the Ninja is one such game on the way. Naruto fans: help the community and provide your opinion in the reviews section! You'll also see ads around the site for the game, if you'd like more information, feel free to check them out.

There's more games on the way like Guitar Hero 3, Battalion Wars, Namco Remix... and Mario Galaxy! and we'll even be giving a few away here and there in the coming weeks — sorry for the delays in the upcoming contest, expect it to pop-up unannounced soon... it's ever-so-slightly out of Jose's control.

Site updates are few and far between, and small tweaks to featured Miis, the forums, and Mii pages have been made, but the major update is coming. Yes, Miis will be drag-and-drop sortable. Yes, the messaging system is seeing a retool. Yes, the entire site is going to have a face lift. Yes, it's going to be sweet.

Only six days left to get those Halloween Miis in!

...and one more thing, since we're from Boston... GO SOX!
buy u a drank 123 Profiledbuy u a drank 123 Profiled
October 10, 2007: A belated announcement (Jose is very busy with major site updates), buy u a drank 123 has been profiled.
Nintendo Handing Out Silicone Jackets; Halloween Miis.Nintendo Handing Out Silicone Jackets; Halloween Miis.
October 2, 2007: Silicone Jackets are the hottest in safety accessories this season, the latest attempt from Nintendo to prevent people from bludgeoning each other with Wiimotes. Though very ugly, they're free, and will probably do little to protect that flat screen you're so paranoid about... but every little bit helps.

Also, inspired by a forum thread by MR. TIP, we've decided to send a couple random DS/Wii games to the user who uploads the most unique, new and original Halloween-inspired Miis by October 30th.
Final 10,000 Mii Contest ResultsFinal 10,000 Mii Contest Results
September 19, 2007: After lots and lots of error-checking over the last couple months, we're finally confident we've got the top scorers scored correctly!

Visit the contest page to find out how you did, and look out for another contest on October 15th!
Site Updates & Bug Fixes! ...Brawl OnlineSite Updates & Bug Fixes! ...Brawl Online
September 17, 2007: The forum bugs preventing some users from posting have been fixed, and a search function has been added using Google search. It may take a few weeks before Google caches all the new page titles, so hang in there until it does.

The next few updates will address bug fixes and duplicate Mii posts, and the split out of the avatars section from the Miis. We also plan on announcing the winner of the Wii in our contest! A lucky user from Tampa, Florida had an outstanding 579 points! You'll find out who before the week's end.

A redesign is also underway, and will possibly be launched in October.

Oh, and Brawl will be online. A win for Wii owners everywhere.
ShakeandBake & More UpdatesShakeandBake & More Updates
September 3, 2007: ShakeandBake is profiled this week - go forth and read.

Updates from this past week: you can now review and add to your game list "rented" games; game reviews on user pages have had an aesthetic update; the games page is slightly more organized (but has many planned updates); polls can now be created in the forums (and soon in other areas as well); forums now show total posts; the Search Miis page now paginates results; user page URLs have been updated (; and finally... server crashing has been reduced significantly, but is not yet fixed - we are working to eliminate all causes of crashing, and in the meantime appreciate your patience when the site is down!
Jules Profiled & Small UpdatesJules Profiled & Small Updates
August 28, 2007: Jules has been profiled - you know what to do!, not that. Read it!

Some recent updates include private messaging in the chat, improved "Games" section on user pages (now all you reviewers have a nice place to show them off!), DS roster fixes, and some general performance tuning to the engines that run

Your current contest results are now available in the contest area. There's still some fine-tuning to be done, and the scores are not 100% final. Several potential finalists have been contacted and none have responded. Please be aware of any contact Jose may be trying to make with you if you have participated..

As always, thanks for your continued support!
Shoot 'Em Up Coming to TheatersShoot 'Em Up Coming to Theaters
August 24, 2007: well as the banner ad spots! You may have already noticed an ad or two - New Line Cinemas wants you to check out the new action movie starring Clive Owen, that guy from Sin City. As a special thanks for their support of, we're showing them some love and linking to their online promotional game.

Another update, the "Games" section of user profiles has been updated. Those Miis out there that like to write long reviews for their games now have a great place to show them off. We're working on a new game selection mechanism, as well as buttons to help with those tricky BBcodes so you can make your Mii comments, game reviews and About Me pages look the way you really want them to.

Please continue to leave feedback for the new DS Games and goemon3033's artist profile in those respective news articles!

Many thanks to all, including our New Line friends.
DS GamesDS Games
August 22, 2007: With all the new stuff being added to, it seems logical to include other types of games and gamers in the fun. Enter DS games - now you can add DS games, rate them, save your friend codes, and challenge others in the chat to play you in them. VC and WiiWare coming soon. is about Miis and the games they play. To this end, it's now possible to conduct searches in the Find Friends section by Gender and City.

Keep those quality Miis coming, keep on gaming, and keep on trucking.
goemon3033 Profiled & Updatesgoemon3033 Profiled & Updates
August 20, 2007: goemon3033 is the first Japanese Mii artist to be profiled on His profile is bright and colorful, and is an interesting addition to the artist profile series! Pardon his English, it was very kind of him to supply English responses!

A laundry list of updates from the past week: the Featured Miis now have a new secret algorithm and will soon become a center piece once again; Mii bookmarks are now public on user's profile page; friends lists may now be made public; users can make the text box for the "About Me" bigger and smaller to make edits easier; user pages and My Account pages are undergoing an aesthetic make-over.

As always, please direct bug reports and suggestions to either the forums or the help -at- email address.
TITO Profiled & Chat UpdatesTITO Profiled & Chat Updates
August 13, 2007: TITO, a long time contributor, has been profiled.

The chat rooms are just about finished, marking yet another milestone. There's some odds and ends that need to be added in, but they're in pretty solid shape... so go chat about new Miis, Pokemon, or whatever else!

The next updates will include redesigned user profile and My Account pages, along with the ability to add DS games to your profile.

Thanks again to everyone for their continued support.
rababob Profiledrababob Profiled
August 6, 2007: Joining the legion of profiled artist this week, rababob.
We're Going to Have a Little Chat...We're Going to Have a Little Chat...
August 2, 2007: Tonight brought the quiet launch of a public beta of the Chat Room! Now you can have less meaningful banter and smack-talk before that next Pokemon battle or Strikers tournament!

It's still very early in development, so please be patient while we work out the kinks and install all the features.

What's next? A better user page design, better "My Account" section design, tournament hosting and laddering, and well, you'll have to keep checking back to find out what else we have up our sleeve!
Mii Bookmarking & celery ProfiledMii Bookmarking & celery Profiled
August 1, 2007: Miis on the site can now be bookmarked just like forum posts, allowing a new way for sorting Miis and finding the very best Miis among the many (with the help of you, dear users). Bookmarking also offers a new way of sharing Miis you may find and wish to save to your profile.

Also, on Monday celery was profiled.
Contest Winner Announcement & UpdatesContest Winner Announcement & Updates
July 27, 2007: The first of two grand-prize winners of the 10,000 Mii Contest has been announced! Please be patient while we continue to tally the scores for the the other winner.

A few updates include some bug fixes to the versioning system, as well as displaying the most recent version of Miis on user pages and index pages. With this addition, indexes are also now sorted on version. Some bugs not allowing certain preferences to be changed have also been fixed.
More Site Improvements & GoobuoojuiceMore Site Improvements & Goobuoojuice
July 23, 2007: An additional batch of small features: Daily Featured Miis are now selected a little better with a few small tweaks to the formula; ordering by tags and full names is now an option, so users with large Mii libraries can now have cleaner user pages; and you can now access your user page using your user name, but you'll have to have been the first user on the site to have registered the name. This is the first step to having smarter URLs than in the past, and we intend to do this sort of thing site-wide.

Goobuoojuice joins the ranks of profiled artists today.

Today, Monday the 23rd, is the last day for submitting guesses to the contest and we'll be turning off submissions at 12pm EST, sharp, and begin the tallying process. Good luck!
Small Site UpdatesSmall Site Updates
July 21, 2007: Just a few small updates today. The first allows you to add a footer to your forum posts, and it's companion update: the ability to turn the footers off and on. The second update hopefully improves upon the featured Miis formula to select a larger variety of Miis throughout the week.
Nickard77 Profiled & Some UpdatesNickard77 Profiled & Some Updates
July 18, 2007: Nickard77 is the first user to be profiled by user votes, and proves the system is working! Go check his Miis out if you haven't already.

Nothing major to report on the updates side of things, just a small list of improvements: "About Me" section on user pages, editable in the My Account section; game-specific friend codes now display as they do in the games (thanks Mike for the format!); game-specific friend codes now appear on the Game Reviews page; a bug preventing Miis from being updated has been fixed; and last but not least tagging Miis is now an option, though the tags remain unused at the moment.

The contest is nearing the finish! Thanks to all who participated and if you haven't got all your guesses in, this weekend is your last chance! Have fun and good luck.
Mii Versions, Final Contest Miis, Major Bug Fixes & Bobby Bobby Profiled!Mii Versions, Final Contest Miis, Major Bug Fixes & Bobby Bobby Profiled!
July 9, 2007: The final contest Miis have been added - good luck to everyone! Remember to tell people - this is the last week to win that Wii!

A small army of moderators has been built, and they're about to be put to the test. A long time ago, when we first started, we wanted Mii artists to be able to upload new photos of their Miis... but how to police the photos!? Well, today we roll out Mii Versioning with the support of the moderating team. Mii artists can now upload new photos for old Miis, and visitors can flip through the photos when they're checking out the Mii. You can also sort the categories based on this new feature.

So experiment, feedback, and enjoy.

That's not all, though. A few bug fixes, today, to respond to the many emails flooding the inbox; nothing too news-worthy, but to those the bugs were affecting, this should come as good news. Today marks the end of a very glitchy friend-removal process, and also fixes an, apparently, long-standing bug preventing users from changing their Wii Code if they weren't signed up for Wiimail - a bit of a catch 22. We hope these bugs didn't effect too many people, and as always sorry for any inconvenience.


We almost forgot! Bobby Bobby's Artist Profile was also published today, so check one of's biggest contributors!

We've also been able to nail down a bug that apparently was preventing users who registered without Wii Codes to not be able to login at all! If anyone notices any other bugs please let us know, and thanks for everyone's patience!

As a result of all these issues, we have decided to extend the deadline for The 10,000 Mii Contest submissions to next Friday, the 23rd. This should allow those who could not log in and participate the time to place their guesses! Good luck.
Messaging System Updates & Error ReportingMessaging System Updates & Error Reporting
July 6, 2007: Some over-due updates to the messaging system today: blocked users may now be unblocked (bottom of the page); number of unread messages appears in the main navigation next to "My Account"; "Mark All as Read" functionality added, at the bottom of the messages list; and a bug preventing the reading of old messages when no new ones exist has been fixed.

Also added, better error reporting on the "Preferences" page in the "My Account" area to help provide users with feedback as to why their console number won't update, among other helpful explanations. This update will help Jose troubleshoot any problems people have been having making updates to their accounts, or perhaps remove those troubles all together.
New Features & ImprovementsNew Features & Improvements
July 1, 2007: Artist Profiles have been few and far between the last many weeks, and to remedy the problem, a system was built to handle the profiling process in a more efficient manner... the first of two to submit their profiles through the new system, Charlieboy, is profiled today. With the new system, the community can now vote for who they want to be profiled... if you see a cool Mii, there's now a "Profile Artist" flag on every Mii page - clicking it will add your vote for that artist to be profiled. If the artist gets enough votes, they will receive a request for them to fill out a profile.

A list of other updates and improvements follows: "Artist Profile" link on relevant users' pages; direct link to search results for gamers playing a game from the game reviews section; user status in game reviews section; inconsistent styling problems in the forum have been improved; user names no longer show up as "anonymous" immediately after leaving a comment; and some other minor bugs have been taken care of.

Good luck to everyone participating in the 10,000 Mii Contest.
More Site UpdatesMore Site Updates
June 13, 2007: If you wish, you can now specify your gender in the "My Account" area. Age is coming as well.

The "Wii Make News" newsletter now includes an image attachment from the top news story! This was a rather tricky feat, and now the newsletter can be easily spotted on your Message Board. A bug was also fixed that was causing the most recent news story to be in the newsletter as opposed to the most voted on.

This week's contest Miis will be released Thursday morning instead of Friday.
Site Updates (Take 2)Site Updates (Take 2)
June 5, 2007: Ok, here's the laundry list:
  • Edit functionality in the forum now works in Internet Explorer
  • Featured Miis should now be picked with a bit more intelligence
  • A "Save/Remember Me" function has been added to the login areas
  • Fixed a bug that caused people changing their email address to have problems
  • The infamous ampersand (&) forum bug that was causing cropped posts is fixed
  • Fixed a bug preventing people from sending messages to users without Wii Console Numbers attached to their account
  • Comments on news articles now function like the comments on the rest of the site
  • The site news was moved to the database (faster)
...and all of the various bugs that cropped up from fixing the other bugs, of course.
10,000 Mii Contest Launch & Wii Make News Public Beta & Cjv Profiled10,000 Mii Contest Launch & Wii Make News Public Beta & Cjv Profiled
June 2, 2007: It's official, the 10,000 Mii Contest has begun. Head on over to the official contest page, tell your friends, digg it, and participate! If you're already signed up, go ahead and get started on the first batch of Miis!

Once you're done with that, and while you wait in anticipation for the next batch, check out Cjv's Artist Profile.

In other brand-new-feature-news the first issue of the Wii Make News newsletter was sent out today to everyone who signed up for Wiimail and didn't turn off the newsletter setting. You can change your delivery preferences in your account settings if you wish not to receive it, or receive it more often. We hope to add a lot more to the newsletter, but we want to make sure everything is working before we go nuts. Please provide any feedback you have either in the forums or through email. Thanks, and enjoy.

What, that's not all? In addition to this, the navigation menu has been optimized considerably, and the categorical Miis on user pages are now clickable (bug fix) in MSIE, and comments on Miis now say who put them there (bug fix).

Phew. Please, enjoy.
Game Friend CodesGame Friend Codes
May 31, 2007: And we all thought this was going to be easy.

Today, and from this day forward, you can add Friend Codes for online-enabled Wii games. This all comes about with the European release of Mario Strikers Charged. Friend Codes can be entered in the "Games" section within "My Account," and are viewable next to the game in your profile. This makes the whole process a whole lot more complicated, and through some clever engineering we hope to provide those who want it with an easier solution! Stay tuned.
Updates (Take 2)Updates (Take 2)
May 30, 2007: It's not pretty, but the frequent requests for more information on the Mii page in the "My Account" area have been filled. We'll have more there soon.

A bug has been fixed that prevented users from writing game reviews (argh), you now have the ability to turn off and on Wiimail once you sign up for it, "The Art of Mii" forum now has a bot named MiiBot that posts the day's featured Miis (for discussion), and last, but certainly not least, is the removal of the "Recent 20" in favor of a paginated "Recent Miis" section!
The 10,000 Mii ContestThe 10,000 Mii Contest
May 25, 2007: We've been sitting on this for a while wondering how to make it work, and I think we found a way. So the official rules have been announced, and we're looking forward to kicking the contest off in early June! One lucky winner will receive a Nintendo Wii console, and one lucky artist will receive a set of Mimobot pen drives!

Click here to read the official rules.
Forum: Edit PostForum: Edit Post
May 24, 2007: In earlier news, it may seem like a minor update, but it wasn't: a delicious AJAX mechanism for editing your posts has been installed in the forum, and JavaScript-disabled users have a fall-back. You only have one hour after posting to edit your post... Also, the News Experiment section now deletes news articles over a week old that weren't voted on... this way we'll build an archive of news only you guys care about... check it out! We'll have exciting news regarding this section again shortly.
Voting Fixed.Voting Fixed.
May 23, 2007: The voting problem has been fixed that was only allowing one vote per Mii.
Who's online?Who's online?
May 21, 2007: Who's online? Find out in the forum. Want to appear hidden? Change it in your account settings.
The Updates Continue!The Updates Continue!
May 20, 2007: Pagination now makes the game reviews section a little easier on the bandwidth. and ordering your Miis by category on your user page may help those with large collections keep them a little cleaner. Also new is the ability to sort Miis in a category by rating and number of votes... the Featured Miis section should also work a whole lot better, now.
Site Updates for the Whole FamilySite Updates for the Whole Family
May 19, 2007: Many minor updates throughout the day, today, that go to help improve the overall experience: sort on number of Miis a user has submitted in Find Friends; post counts in the forum; the ability to set a message for why you're not accepting friend requests; the ability to subscribe to the newsletter (newsletter?); the ability to turn the display of your Wii Console Code off and on; top five games in game reviews section; use basic standard BB code in forum posts ...and that's all for today, we'll have more soon. Enjoy.
Ladies & Gentlemen, meet James H.Ladies & Gentlemen, meet James H.
May 17, 2007: Who is James H, you ask? James H is an Arizona resident, currently playing Splinter Cell, and who happens to be our official 10,000th registered user! We haven't been formally introduced, but we're pretty confident James H is a outstanding chap and a welcome addition to the community. Thanks for the support, James H, and everyone else. We'll be pushing out some new features soon and touching up others. Enjoy, and if you haven't already, go read Ali420's artist profile.
WiiMail Registrations Back UpWiiMail Registrations Back Up
May 3, 2007: Our apologies, but Wiimail registrations have not been working for the last 7 days. The 80 or so of you that signed up during that period were added today and confirmations were sent out — with this bug fixed. everything should be fine moving forward. Thanks for your patience during our growing pains!
Mojo & Ross Profiled, Site UpdatesMojo & Ross Profiled, Site Updates
April 30, 2007: In the profiles section today we've added Mojo, a long time contributor to, and last week we added Ross — be sure to check them both out.

We're also pleased to announce some minor updates to the forum: more forums! Due to popular demand, we're expanding forum functionality, among other things we've been working on, like a community newsletter (you guys will love this), the 10,000 Mii Contest, Mii bookmarking... that kind of stuff. Stay tuned, it's all coming real soon!
autx Profiled & 10,000 Miis!autx Profiled & 10,000 Miis!
April 16, 2007: In the profiles section today we've added autx, a long time contributor to

Also, we're pleased to announce we've hit the 10,000 Mii mark! That's a lot of Mii artwork, to be sure! You guys and girls know no bounds of creativity, and it's our pleasure to host this amazing gallery! Check it out - the 10,000th Mii - "Upsidedown Face Man" by dizzzledan. Stay tuned for more 10,000 Miis news...
AtkaFighter featured on JoystiqAtkaFighter featured on Joystiq
April 12, 2007: You heard right, check him out over at one of the largest gaming blogs on the web.

We also found rababob over on IGN giving all you in the community some props, so check that out too.
One Vote & Zubiac ProfiledOne Vote & Zubiac Profiled
April 9, 2007: Aside from some useful updates to the new login tab, we now limit the amount of votes you may cast on any given Mii to one, We will make it so you can change your vote in the near future. We've also been catching data for long enough that we can go in and remove duplicate votes for the past couple months made by the same users... ;) We also fixed the Featured Miis on the home page, and are working in on improvements discussed in the forum.

Zubiac is on the podium in the Artist Profiles section, read up.
More UpdatesMore Updates
April 6, 2007: A simple update today allows you to remove friends from your friend list. Your friends will be notified via the messaging system when they are removed. We've also added a quick login feature to the top-right of the site, making it easier than ever to login and stay in touch with your friends.

Also, in case you missed the last news update, you may now register WITHOUT a Wii Console Code. You will be excluded from some of the fun, but this is a major milestone in the development of, and we expect this update to provide us the tools and system necessary to provide more updates and the contest we've been dropping bits about for almost 3 months now... it's coming...
Updates & DeltaP42 ProfiledUpdates & DeltaP42 Profiled
April 3, 2007: DeltaP42's profile is now up, check it out.

UPDATE: We're go on the new system that requires registration to, well, to do almost anything fun on You can now register with or without a Wii Console Code, and you can also change your email address. We also now require confirmation on the email address to avoid those nasty typo's people were producing.

We should see a cut back in the amount of spam on Miis, and a lot less anonymous trashing. We hope this improves the community and encourages it to grow. Now we've got to get to work on deleting all that spam and providing the more usual updates... and oh, that 10,000 Mii contest... you know the drill, keep 'em coming and we'll have some great prizes to announce shortly.

P.S. If anyone knows where to get our hands on a Wii that isn't eBay, that information would be very helpful. Thanks.
Your Mii on TV?Your Mii on TV?
March 28, 2007: Listen up, artists! Your Mii art may be on TV — NBC in San Diego, to be precise — but there's a catch. Not just any Miis... up for the challenge? Create a Mii of one of these reporters: Bob Hansen, Artie Ojeda, Susan Taylor, Marty Levin, and Marianne Kushi.

For pictures, see this link.
Profiles and Podcasts!Profiles and Podcasts!
March 27, 2007: If you missed their profiles last week, be sure to check out Tocci and Mr. Tip in the Artist Profiles section. Tocci was a surprise addition to the line-up since his Bill Clinton Mii made front page news of the Wall Street Journal's Marketplace section.

Just in case that's all old news to you, though, we've got another profile up this week for Linuz. Linuz has a very interesting selection of Miis, so check him out.

In other news, will be featured in the upcoming "The Wii Show" Podcast on the Podcast Network, and they're running a small contest for Mii characters with a Nyko Charge Station as a prize, so check them out! Jose Nintendo will be the judge the final judge! Here's a direct link to the MP3 download of the show and get those submissions in before the deadline.

For those wondering about the contest we keep blabbing about over the last few months, it just keeps getting bigger, and we've decided to announce the official rules and prizes when we reach the 10,000 Mii mark! Keep 'em coming!
Miis in the Wall Street JournalMiis in the Wall Street Journal
March 16, 2007: was one of several Nintendo Wii related sites featured in the Wall Street Journal today. There is a half page, full color image of on the front page of the MARKETPLACE section and on, featuring Tocci's Bill Clinton.

The article showcases the affect the Mii has had on the gaming industry and how gamers have responded to the custom gaming avatar craze. Check it out! Thanks again to everyone who has and continues to participate in the site! We're almost at 10,000 Miis!!

Update: Mickey over at has been so kind to scan the article for you all to read, but we encourage purchasing the publication.
Game ReleasesGame Releases
March 13, 2007: TMNT, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2007, and (oops) SSX Blur have been added to the available games. If you're interested in purchasing these games, please use the Amazon links!
Ansomatica ProfiledAnsomatica Profiled
March 12, 2007: A quick note, Ansomatica has been profiled. Check out his work, it's very good. Keep an eye out in your junk mail folder for an Artist Profile invitation! The last batch was sent out March 6th.
Contest Closed, Winner AnnouncedContest Closed, Winner Announced
March 9, 2007: This seems like a good time to plug the artist profile for stonesour_17. We recently sent out a lot of artist profile requests, and we've got some great responses, so if you've got the email, please reply to get in the queue.

Now for the contest... we had a lot of great entries, and it's just making us more excited for the upcoming contest. If you didn't win this time around, fear not, this was just a warm up for us.

Now, the winner. We had some awesome entries: "I am Error," a couple with Miis positioned in a Mii Plaza to read "404," a few "X" faces and a bunch of others. While we prep our new 404 page (which will have a lot of these on it), we'll at least announce that the winner is Ali420. Stay tuned to see all the entries, thanks to everyone who participated, and congratulations Ali420!
A Mii Challenge: Win Stuff!A Mii Challenge: Win Stuff!
March 1, 2007: We're kicking off March with a chance to win a Wiimote with your Mii printed on it! In collaboration with, we'll be rewarding the winner with a custom printed Wiimote with their Mii on the back! We'll also be using your 404 Mii as our 404 Error page.

Here's what you have to do: create a Mii character for a 404 Error. That's right, the dreaded 404 error that comes up when you try to access a web page that doesn't exist. Go wild! We have no idea what to expect from this. Please send your entries to Jose ( Hurry, this mini contest ends March 7th!

Update: This contest is open to anyone, internationally.
SSS ProfiledSSS Profiled
February 20, 2007: Just in case nobody noticed, an artist profile for SSS was posted on Monday. Check it out.

Coming at some point soon, upgrades to the commenting, forum, statistics, map, friend list, and picture organizing.
isic Profiledisic Profiled
February 20, 2007: While we continue to work towards another major upgrade to the site that will cut back on spam and other nonsense, please enjoy reading the profile for isic.
New Artist Profiles & a PartnershipNew Artist Profiles & a Partnership
February 15, 2007: zzyxx and kitowskiv have joined the ranks of profiled users. Our apologies on the delay in getting new artist profiles up. Everything is back on track and there will be another new artist profile this coming Monday.

In other news, has partnered with Gorilla Nation for advertising. You may start to see some ads being replaced with new, more targeted ads and we hope this will give us more breathing room to grow our capabilities as time goes on. This is exciting news for everyone, and we'll be working tightly with Gorilla Nation to make sure the ads served on the site will be appropriate. is going to be undergoing some major changes. The forum has provided us with a lot of insight towards what the site is lacking in, and we hope to supply the community with more features and benefits. We've got big plans as we gear up for the online gaming rush that is bound to start soon, and we intend to be the best way to meet and game with other Wii players. We may appear to have slowed down with the updates, but in a few weeks or so we'll be announcing big things. Stay tuned!
Site Improvement NotesSite Improvement Notes
February 9, 2007: The entire site is being retooled to allow for more expansion, here's a breakdown: The friends system has seen a complete rework (we now have the ability to alert friends when your Wii number changes, as well as remove friends, and show messages sent by pending friends under the requests; expect all of this functionality soon), the binary file support has seen upgrades, the forum and the wii news experiment continue to be debugged, uploading Miis to an email address that is registered is now restricted (you must be logged in to submit Miis if you are a registered user), and logging in via bookmark now requires a password unless you are on a Wii.
5,000th Mii, Josean and Shadowfax1845,000th Mii, Josean and Shadowfax184
January 27, 2007: is back on track, providing updates and improvements instead of fixing bugs, and we're proud to announce the 5,000th Mii is the documentary film maker Michael Moore. Would the creator of this Mii please get in contact with Jose Nintendo?

Today we roll out two more Artist Profiles, Josean and Shadowfax184, so be sure to check those out.
Wiimail works again!Wiimail works again!
January 26, 2007: After many troubles with some changes of the email system by Nintendo and our change of server, we finally have Wiimail back online! Not only is it online, but it has been moved to the dedicated server and is much faster and more reliable than ever before. We are still working out bugs with multiple submissions (Friend Approvals) and generating the top Mii statistics without destroying our database server! Thanks for the continued patience, support, and bug reporting!
Is your new source for news?Is your new source for news?
January 20, 2007: The response to is incredible, and with all the attention and side projects, we've been getting to know a lot of people from the blogs and news sites that feed the Wii community it's information. An affiliate list just didn't seem good enough... not really our style either, so to return the thanks we've put together an experimental RSS feed voting system called the "Wii News Experiment." We still have a couple bugs to fix here and there (sometimes two stories show up as one - we'll fix that soon we fixed the bug but ended up losing some comments and votes... sorry guys.), but it's online and ready to read.

The premise is simple... read the story and vote on it. Then, with the help of others you can select a quality of story you want to read and read only the best bits from the top Wii news sites out there.... let's see how it works, shall we?

In other updates, we've also provided some sorting on the Mii categories, added a "Similar Miis" section next to every Mii (to alleviate some of the stress of people uploading "copy-cat" Miis), improved the game reviews section, and added information from including price, availability, publisher and box art to the games. We had some bugs with the Wiidget section (sorry about that) but then we added an "Email this Wiidget" function for those of you designing Wiidgets on your Wii.

That's about it for this week! We've got a lot of requests for a forum and of course a custom solution is in the works, hold in there guys! Any other requests? Let us know!
4,000th Mii! More Site Updates, Mulanzo & PERFECTD0RK4,000th Mii! More Site Updates, Mulanzo & PERFECTD0RK
January 14, 2007: Behold, the 4,000th Mii! Gareth is a character from the UK TV show The Office, and was contributed by jcfromgc.

For all the users who are using our Wiimail system, I have added the ability to block messages from users who send you messages you wish to block. The [ Block ] button is under each message under the "Friends" tab in the login area. This should eliminate the possibility of spammers and unwanted messages on your Wii Message Boards. Also, the ability to mark a message as read has been added, so you can hide it from your message list once you've replied to it. As for those users who haven't sign up, sign up for Wiimail, it's great!

The Game Reviews page is also slowly starting to shape up, keep an eye on that after we switch servers... Yep, we're moving to another server, yet again, and in short time we'll be updating the reviews section and allow searching on "owned games" in the "Find Friends" section. The new server is much faster!

An interesting item was brought to my attention by xiaNaix of, and it's a book by Prima Guides that will supposedly have instructions for how to make celebrity Miis. I wonder to what extent this will effect the contributors to this site? We shall find out soon, I imagine.

PERFECTD0RK and Mulanzo are both being added to the profile section this week, as the number of Mii artists on the site far outweighs the number of weeks in the year. We'll have to come up with a better schedule if the submissions continue as they have. Are they stealing? Are they stealing?
January 12, 2007: Brandon, a Mii artist who clearly spends time meticulously crafting Miis, emailed the creator of requesting some sort of recognition for the works on the site. Our comments follow.

On 1/12/07, Admin wrote: Ok so basically your saying you want credit for something you "really didn't do" I want you to explain to me how that is your work? #1 your using a system that has preset hair,eyes,nose,etc.. so you don't have options of creating your own everyone has access to the same thing. Thus eliminating this being considered as "art" now you also want credit because you were able to steal a famous persons "image" and/or "look" and input this into a system(nintendo wii/mii) that has everything already created for you by adjusting the height,color,size and you want me to credit you for this?

I will add a credit or a thanks to (Nintendo Corporation, and The famous/celebrity/actor for allowing me to use their "image")

If you drew that from scratch then it would be considered your work and as art and considered stealing. Then would I give you credit. I took the same image and was able to create the identical image myself, why? Because all the presets are there and i dont have to apply any skill or creativity. Now if i went on another site took the image and took the instructions, then maybe that person deserves credit and thanks only for the amount of work they put towards creating the tutorial.

have a nice day.

On 1/12/07, Brandon Erickson wrote: Then put your name on the site and credit yourself for putting the instructions together. Pretty simple.

So I guess if I meticulously spent days making a perfect copy of a Van Gogh, it wouldn't be necessary to credit the original artist because I just deserve the recognition for recreating it. Your logic is completely flawed.


On 1/12/07, Admin <> wrote: Yes and they dont have any instructions i have to remake them all from scratch by looking at an image. Wheres the recognition for my time to creating a site that has step by step instructions?

On 1/12/07, Brandon Erickson wrote: The people who make those spend a lot of time on it, and they deserve some recognition.

Andre A.

Puroeuro Network:
Andre A.

Puroeuro Network:

So, our response? Looking around the site you might be able to tell (we hope) that we know a thing or two about good design. Jose, himself, has been classically trained in the arts since he was playing NES and Atari. The definition of art may be broad, but it takes only a few moments to define it with a dictionary:1. the quality, production, expression, or realm, according to aesthetic principles, of what is beautiful, appealing, or of more than ordinary significance.

12. skilled workmanship, execution, or agency, as distinguished from nature.
Sure there's other definitions but these are the relevant ones. Art is sometimes confined by a ruleset: music has scales, painting has spectrum and brushes, and photography is limited by F-stops and lenses. For Andre to suggest that the Miis on this site are not art is a display of his ignorance regarding "art." Andre, if you're reading, we apologize for calling you on it.

I originally viewed as a nice offering for those without the patience to figure out how the Miis on (or other sites) were made, but if the original artists of those Miis feel their works are being stolen and this is the response, then it's most certainly a disservice.

In defense of Andre's use of Miis created by others, on display on his site with no citation for Brandon or others, Andre says, "all the presets are there and i dont have to apply any skill or creativity." Well if this is so, Andre, what relevance has your site to it's visitors, if it is so easy to recreate the Miis? And what of your argument?

Readers, is a fun, light-hearted site for Mii artistry. We support the entire online Wii community, offering the images and binaries on the site for use on any other site that gives the artists credit - we even host the images and binaries for hot-linking - giving artist credits through programming logic by planting your information straight on the image (download one and see). We're not sure what leads others to lack citation, and we hope their behavior does not discourage participation in this project.

As an artist, myself, by trade, I feel that is the first of (hopefully) many contributions to various niche art scenes, and I will stand up for the intellectual rights of those who contribute without waiver. It is by principle, not nobility.

Without your support, and the support of others, would not exist. Thanks to you, Brandon, and everyone else, for your involvement in the community. Without your input, there would be nothing to copy.

- Jose
Games Section, More Updates & MoxxiGames Section, More Updates & Moxxi
January 8, 2007: What hasn't been updated? The games section is sort of there; though there's work left to be done. This will be searchable at least by the time online games begin to appear. There's human verification images on Wiimail and New Miis to keep the unneccessary a little more inconvenient. You can now select to turn off friend requests for when your Address Book fills up (yep, it's full... but I still have to enter in a few last friend codes). You can change your password. You can recover your account if you've forgotten your password. You can use the new Wiidget design by user Jay. You can find friends a little easier. You can see the top Miis when you login with Opera through a bookmark (or any browser, really). You can add multiple games to your account. You can review your games and tell the world you sold it cause it was lousy. You can read other people's reviews... the list goes on, but you get the idea.

Moxxi, whom with the help of his son, has created many great Miis over the last month has an artist profile in Artist Profiles section. Jose will be sending out more requests for participants this week, so if you want to be profiled, watch your inbox for an email.
Wiimail Back Online (Again)Wiimail Back Online (Again)
January 5, 2007: Our Wiimail system has been unnecessarily faulty since we moved to the new server. While Jose Nintendo continues to bang his head against the wall, the problem has been solved... but once again, anyone who submitted a request to sign up for Wiimail in the last few days will have to do so once more. We apologize profusely.

Also, the same problem was preventing users from contacting help and support. Hopefully this problem stays fixed.
January 4, 2007: If you haven't noticed, we've been cleaning things up around the site to make it more usable, more secure, and otherwise a little less buggy. Tonight we're adding a human verification image for sending messages, so we don't get interrupted by spammers.

The user feedback is great, and we're working on a method to flag offending users to prevent future spam. We're going to get the game system implemented and then we're going to launch the long-delayed contest.

In other news, it's inevitable that this would happen, and I always email the owners of the sites these things pop up on... It's good to know they're all supportive of the community. Keep up the good work guys, immitation is a form of flattery. For those who don't read GamingBits, check it out... some quality content they dig up over there.
Final Update of 2006: a List of Improvements & Adam JFinal Update of 2006: a List of Improvements & Adam J
December 31, 2006: In the Artist Profiles section we have Adam J, another one of's most creative and contributive! We're going to start profiling more users soon, so keep those amazing submissions rolling in! Next week we've got Moxxi on the soap box, so check back again next Monday for more.

The responses have been spilling into the inbox on account of all the updates we've been doing and the support is great. We're working out all the kinks and polishing all the surfaces. Since this is the last update of 2006 (it's been a very short year for, we'd like to wish everyone all the best in 2007.

Today we've managed to solve a variety of issues, providing some updates to the Wiidget Factory interface, as well as the long-awaited BMP and GIF support. We're also tightening the proverbial security belt buckle, so we now require passwords on sign-up, and will provide this as an optional login method for those who wish to further secure their account. If you have not set a password yet, please do so by logging in and following the instructions. The Find Friends page now implements searching capabilities, speeding the process of finding and connecting with people that are playing games you're playing.
Wiimail: Receive Friend Requests & Messages on your Wii!Wiimail: Receive Friend Requests & Messages on your Wii!
December 30, 2006: It's official, and it's live. You can now receive messages, friend requests, and friend approvals right to your Wii Message Board. If the sender has chosen an avatar, you'll know instantly who's sending you a friend request, because the avatar will be attached to the message! How? It's simple, register if you haven't already, and then add "" to your Wii's Address Book. The FAQ has been updated to reflect these new features.

As an additional feature, we've added an archive of all of the "Today's Featured Miis" from the front page, so these picks can be archived over time as "Jose Nintendo's Picks." I hope new visitors will enjoy this feature so they can catch up on all the hot Miis. We will likely do the same with the daily top-rated Miis.
More Updates: Map Upgrades & Bug FixesMore Updates: Map Upgrades & Bug Fixes
December 29, 2006: Jose Nintendo is at it again, collaborating with some people in the Wii "modding" (is it modding if they're not actually modding anything?) community to deliver some real cool stuff. In site status, over the next few days we'll be providing the ability to specify which games you own, as well as the ability to rate them. We'll also be providing new ways to navigate the many Miis on the site, including an archive of the "Today's Featured Miis" (yeah, we have an archive), and various sorting and browsing options. This in no way has anything to do with that new feature we're promising soon....

We're also going to start using this news section to update you with other news in the Wii world, as we've slowly been starting to do, and we'll get the comments working on it real soon.

Sorry for the delay in the contest, too, by the way, that will be ready shortly, promise.
RELEASED: Wiidget, Mii Map & More!RELEASED: Wiidget, Mii Map & More!
December 26, 2006: is extremely proud to present two new tools to the Wii community tonight! At left, the first of two, the Wiidget. To get your own, you'll need to upload a picture of your Mii to the site and register your Wii. If you've already done that, login and scroll to the bottom of the page. Here is a very rough version of the Wiidget Factory! You can pick a text color, a background color, and a style for your Wiidget. If you have your own Wiidget design, send it to us at!

But wait, that's not even the half of it. Tonight we rolled out a surprise feature, the Mii Map! The Mii Map plots all the users on a Google Map for a great way to browse the world for new friends. With the map feature comes the ability to add your city or town to your profile for better mapping. We really hope everyone will enjoy this feature, as we plan on adding other cool items to this as time passes, so keep an eye on that map!

Well we've promised more, haven't we? Not to be eclipsed by the big news, in the Artist Profiles section we've got an interview with Brandon Erickson, creator of the Jack Black Mii (among others) that has gotten really high scores on Check out what he has to say when we put him on the soap box, he's a very smart guy! We've already got our next four profiles ready to go, and they're all high profile Mii artists - you'll just have to check back each week to read more!

What's that? You want more? Did you know your very own Jose Nintendo has collaborated with SWiitPii over at to design the latest in Mii binary transfer tools, the Mii Mega-Mall? This application connects seamlessly with to get Miis on and off of your Wiimote using a Windows-based PC (requires .Net 2.0 Framework). He's done a great job, so if you're into Mii binary files, check out this new tool!

Also, in case you've never been to the site before, it's beginning it's design metamorphosis... with all the features rolling out we've began redesigning the site to deliver more content with less confusion. All feedback is appreciated, so if you want to drop us a line you know the drill, just click over to the Contact page.

So, you now know about TWO of the THREE big features we're rolling out with this week... what in the world could that third one be?! ...
“Wiidget” Appears & Commenting Improves“Wiidget” Appears & Commenting Improves
December 25, 2006: As soon as we get a few final bugs worked out, we'll be delivering to you, user, the Wiidget. Think of it as your portable online Wii profile... We already have a few designs ready, and we'll have plenty more by the time we launch it. We'll even take some user submissions for designs (at our discretion). Look to snag one of these from the site just after the holiday.

The Wiidget is the first of three major feature releases coming up in the next week. What could the others be?

Jose Nintendo's Wiidget: <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" /></a>
In other updates, the commenting feature got an overhaul, and users can now use their email addresses to post comments in the same way they post Miis. When your email address is registered, your comment will have a much nicer footer with your avatar and a link to your profile. Furthermore, we've made it easy to post images and site links within the comments simply by pasting the URL into your comment. We realize this calls for more moderation, so we'll be working on rolling out a comment flagging feature. And, speaking of flagging features, we made it a little more apparent to logged in users that they can flag images by moving the link up the page and giving it a red flag icon. Hopefully these improvements provide a manner for the community to grow without sacrifice.
Wii Opera Browser CompatibleWii Opera Browser Compatible
December 24, 2006: Welcome, Wii Opera user!

We were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Opera on the Wii, and we're pleased to announce that our site works with it like cheese does wine. While we don't currently have the capabilities to offer you direct downloading and uploading of Miis to the Wii, we certainly have got all other areas of our site tweaked out and optimized for the Wii browser, so browse and enjoy.

In case you missed the last news update, we've now got user messaging and a faster uplink. We've also been quietly gearing up for THREE hip new features that we think the community will really like in the next week or so, so keep checking back... we think you'll all really like what we're cooking up!
New Uplink & User MessagingNew Uplink & User Messaging
December 21, 2006: We're up on a new server on a speedy line. We're still working on the dedicated machine, but at least we can handle all your requests now. Go nuts, and enjoy. MiiPlaza is slow no more. User messaging is now available if you are logged in, so you can now send users messages that they will see when they login. We've also blown out the news section, so be sure to check that out once in a while.

Important Update: We fixed some problems with the binary files that was resulting in empty binary files. We apologize for this, but know that none of the binary files were affected, it was simply a misconfiguration with the web server.
Artist Profile: AtkafighterArtist Profile: Atkafighter
December 19, 2006: A new section, Artist Profiles, has come to fruition. The Mii artistry presented by our users begged for it, so check out the first of many artist profiles: Atkafighter (formerly efloro), creator of the 1,000th Mii.
1,000th Mii, User Avatars & Updates1,000th Mii, User Avatars & Updates
December 18, 2006: Today we hit 1,000 Miis; behold, the Sanrio Group. We haven't the slightest idea who the Sanrio Group is, but if the creator of this Mii would like to get in touch with us we'd really appreciate it!

In other news, you can now select a Mii as your avatar when you login, and we'll be doing some pretty sweet things with your avatar in the very near future, so check back soon. We'll have this on the registration form soon, too. Pagination also got a huge update today, adding the ability to flip around the pages a lot easier... now to solve the speed issues.

Keep the Miis coming, the contest is starting real soon!
We'll Never Slow Down!We'll Never Slow Down!
December 15, 2006: The response to has been overwhelming! We'll have it set up on a faster line before the end of the year — thanks for your patience and support. Over the weekend we optimized the site, patched some long-standing bugs, and added a "Binary Miis" item to the navigation.

Nintendo is recalling Wii Remote straps, so if you haven't already, head over to, register your Wii, get your free 90-day warrantee extension and up to 4 new Wii Remote straps!
We'll Never Slow Down!We'll Never Slow Down!
December 14, 2006: More updates. Tonight we give the public the ability to upload .mii files to other people's Mii characters, and we also allow the owners of the Miis to edit them. If you login and click over to one of your Miis and scroll down you'll find you can now edit them. We don't allow you to upload new pictures yet, as we want to build some sort of versioning system for that. Thanks everyone! Keep up the great work.
First Mii Binary Files Emerge & UpdatesFirst Mii Binary Files Emerge & Updates
December 13, 2006: Mulanzo has uploaded a slew of Mii binary files! We'll get cracking on the public uploading of .mii files for existing Miis (and owner editing features), as this is high on our list — sit tight! The Find Friends page has been updated with the sorting feature we plan to use for Miis soon... Nintendo, help us make this easier and sell us a development kit!
Mii Files Transferred from Wii to PCMii Files Transferred from Wii to PC
December 12, 2006: Binary Mii file for Dave Grohl by WiiModWii

It's up to the community to upload them, but we've got the functionality built into the site and it's ready to go. Check out the FAQs for more info, we'll have this better documented shortly.

Another big update today: registered users now have access to a flagging feature. If you are logged in and find bad or offensive content you can flag it and help us focus on rolling out more features. Log in when you browse the site and you'll have this tool available to you underneath the "Add a Comment" section. Feel free to flag those Flash Miis as more Wiis become available, non-Mii pictures or broken pictures. It takes a small percentage of the installed user base to remove the content, so please help us out by staying active and thinking carefully before flagging content. We've also started expanding on information about users, and hope to have more soon.